Our Core Competency Is Medical Device Molding

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We build our business around manufacturing medical devices. Our equipment, systems, people, and experience in medical molding will add to the success of your component. By selecting RJC, you can expect the highest level of performance in delivering your product on time. Whether your product is a medical device or other types of device, it all follows through the same manufacturing and quality systems we have in place here at RJC.   MANUFACTURING COMPONENTS THAT [...]

Our Expertise Producing Medical Injection Molding

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RJC has compiled a team of experts from many facets of the medical and technical molding industries. We employ many specialists with backgrounds in: Implant Manufacturing Surgical Devices Hospital Equipment Surgical Stapling Endoscopic Tools Precision Machining Hydrophilic Coating Complex Overmolding Automation Tool Design Design for Manufacture Material Selection MEDICAL DEVICE APPROVAL PROCESS EXPERTISE We understand the strict requirements for medical device development and qualification. IQ/OQ/PQ PPAP Custom Validation Protocols CAP Studies FAI/FAQ [...]

How Custom Machined Parts made in RJC to Bring Solid Benefit to your Business

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Custom machined parts are manufactured through the process of machining. Machining is a manufacturing process that involves processing a workpiece into a part of the desired shape and size by removing material through machine tools. Workpieces that are machined are made up of materials such as metals, plastics, rubbers, etc. Metal machined parts provide a typical example of a machining process. Making plastic machined parts is a very different process than metal machining. For [...]

IATF16949:2016 Automotive Quality System Updated

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we RJC has updated the quality system for automotive components from TS16949 to IATF16949. which represents us to reach the latest terms of standard to serve clients on the same level of international practise. also represents that RJC never stop improving to reach better and better service to Automotive clients. IATF16949英文

Mercedes-benz Sindelfingen Factory Visit

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Our Founder Mr Louis has visited Mercedes-benz Sindelfingen factory to learn the processes of optimal production, he targeted to be a great entrepreneur. and bring those top concepts back to RJC. and implement new concept of management in RJC company, including all BU management. RJC never stop to learn from advanced thinking and examples.

RJC Technical Service Team Member Overview

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Welcome to RJC. Rapid, Joyful. Creative. Rapid manufacture what you need. rapid custom manufacturing. Rapid prototyping, precise plastic tooling, injection molding, precision CNC machining, we serve for Aerospace, medical, automotive, we serve you ,we serve you, we serve you all the way. https://youtu.be/-HRZiyVZ3Yc

Workpiece made in RJC for Robot

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RJC has been working on rapid manufactuing of plastic and metal components, which means that we could serve for multiple industries. Ada brings a case that she served on Robot. which need accurate machining process definition and control procedure. Ada could bring your projects succeeded with great communication and business operation experience . https://youtu.be/QdrkXfcX_4s

A Bicycle wore workpiece made in RJC

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this video shows you the workpiece of Bicycle made in RJC with perfect machining processes, optimal process control and final quality control. fully customized geometric and perfect fit to the original location, 100% expectation met for getting very positive feedback with establishing long term relationship and getting consistent order on other parts of CNC machining, CNC turning with multiple finish treatment, like many color anodizing, polishing, e-polishing, plating, laser engraving and other coating. https://youtu.be/EltDQt2-TIo

Team building in RJC Technical Service Team

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RJC has a strong team with 15 member in technical service team, they are all well-trained in the field of technical engineering and business operation. RJC pay much attention on employee training and education. also career promotion. we have team building after the battle of July and got outstanding performance, and this is the time for us the doing something helpful of release. and eager to move on to reach higher in 2020. even [...]

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