In-House Medical Device Prototype Manufacture

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When looking for a medical device prototype development company, you should ensure they have the needed machining ability and modern technical expertise. At RJC, we are proud to have state-of-the-art in-house workshops with the absolute most skilled and experienced team in the industry. In this post, we will look at three of the advantages you will enjoy by choosing RJC as your medical device prototype manufacturer. The most advanced technologies. Our in-house workshops allow [...]

The Purpose of Prototypes in Medical Device Development

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Prototyping is no doubt, an essential part of product development and manufacturing in almost every industry. For the medical device development industry, this could not be more accurate. There are many industry-specific reasons for using prototypes before beginning production of the end product. In this post, we will look at some specific reasons why prototypes are so important in the medical device development process. Refining the design Moreso than many other products or tools, medical [...]

Precision Medical Machining And Prototype Development

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RJC has a medical device machine shop specializing in CNC precision medical machining. A number of highly complex orthopedic medical devices are created on a regular basis here at RJC, including cannulated hip screws, locking pins and nails, pedicle screws, bone plates, maxoclofacial screws and implants and mandibular joint replacement devices. We also specialize in cardiovascular medical equipment, such as trocar devices, tunnellers, peristaltic pump components and import and outport connections for left ventricular [...]

The Importance of Injection Molding Process Used for Medical Products

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At August 2020, we got a inquiry from California, a Medical product company need a custom manufacturing for bring design into solid product reality which used for Covid-19 testing. to be a ISO13485 certified manufacturer, RJC was a primary selection and start to work on the projects with multiple rounds of communication to settle those issues of manufacturing feasibility. and bring status to tooling manufacturing rapidly with the effort of mutual parties. at Sep [...]

Surgical Device Component Production

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We understand that Surgical Device Components require high precision, attention to detail, and strict adherence to documentation. Shenzhen RJC Industrial CO., LTD continues to be our customers' first choice in Surgical Device Injection Molding.  Our expertise in complex geometries, technically challenging injection molding, insert molding and over-molding has set us apart from other companies.  We continually excel with challenging and complex requests.

Benefits of using 5-axis CNC Machining

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The Machining world is growing at an unbelievable pace. Handheld machines have advanced to highly sophisticated computerized machines (CNC). Similarly, basic 2,3-axis CNC machines have now led on to a more improved, more liked 5-axis CNC machines. While expensive, 3+2 axis and 5-axis machines are now a staple in almost every CNC machine shop. It’s imperative that both large-scale and small and medium manufacturing units are utilizing the one and many benefits of this machine [...]

How CNC Machining Services Brings Benefits to Your Company In 2020

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CNC machining is a trusted method used for plenty of projects all the way, anything which requires engineering or any planned design will involve CNC machining in some way or other. Nowadays, all business need quantities of large and small metal components, that can be a part of various industries. There is so much to learn from the custom machine shop and how they can help your company by using CNC machining in designing [...]

CNC Machined Parts Used In The Medical Industry Supply

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Up to now, Coronavirus(Covid-19) is still affecting almost globe The medical industry is under huge pressure and this has led to an tremendous increase in the production of medical CNC machined parts. Lots of lives are dependent on the medical industry and to keep them working 24hours 7days a week, they need high-quality machined parts for the medical device and products. Producing CNC machined parts for medical equipment need accuracy and rapid delivery time. [...]

LSR Injection Molding for Medical Device

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Injection molding is a process that lends itself to the production of high-precision complex components for healthcare and medical applications, especially when part-to-part integrity is required over high volumes. In this article, we'll consider the major advantages of producing medical devices by injection molding and look at possible watch points to consider. Though a number of types of materials are suited to injection molding, for medical applications the primary material recommended is silicone. Silicone [...]

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