We have mentioned in previous article that more and more car manufacturers are replacing metal parts with plastic parts in the car. But do you know exactly how many plastic parts are used in a car ? Latest report shows 20%-40% of the parts used in a car is made of plastic, that’s around 2000-6000 parts, depending on different car brands and classifications.

Plastic parts is now more and more popular in the car, at present except car shell, the plastic parts are used elsewhere;

Chassis plastic parts: plastic parts for engine, plastic parts for water tank, plastic parts for air conditioning, plastic parts for air filter, plastic fuel tank, plastic parts for all kinds of water bottles etc;

Interior plastic parts: dashboard plastic accessories, plastic seat parts, plastic parts for floor accessories, roof plastic accessories, gear lever plastic parts, steering wheel plastic accessories, door trim, rearview mirrors shell and a variety of buckles and fasteners;

Exterior plastic parts: front and rear lights plastic shell or cover, air vent grille, bumper, fender and mirror holder etc;

We have also draw a brief picture below to show some import plastic parts used in a car, so you can have it in mind easily, please see below:

major car plastic parts