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As countries begin to live with COVID-19, rapid mass testing (MRT) is the main tool for containing any future outbreaks. Complete elimination of the virus through strict lockdown and quarantine measures and treating it as endemic is often considered a mutually exclusive strategy. Frequent and widespread use of rapid home antigen tests can provide the best of both worlds.

Global demand for ANTIGEN and antibody tests for COVID-19

There is an urgent global need for sample testing, which could complement PCR testing in the diagnosis of SARS-COV-2 infection. Despite its importance, PCR tests are positive only during a short period of acute infection, after which they become negative.

All kinds of nucleic acid testing kits test shells

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Strictly select materials, use brand raw materials, not waste materials

Stable performance smooth surface, good stability, easy to use, not easy to damage

Compact structure thickening material, solid material, compact structure, not easy to deformation and rupture

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Even though sample tests are not as efficient as PCR tests in the short term of acute infection, they can detect antibodies to COVID-19 longer after the disease has subsided. In this way, previous infections can be identified.

Awareness of past infection is epidemiologically important and represents a major unmet need in the management of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is nucleic acid testing?

At present, nucleic acid test is the main method for laboratory diagnosis to determine whether a patient is infected with novel coronavirus. Can achieve early detection, early diagnosis, early treatment. Real-time PCR can be used to detect throat swabs, sputum or blood samples. Novel Coronavirus nucleic acid, or detection by sequencing the next generation of viruses.

  • In simple terms
  • Nucleic acid testing is performed by
  • After collection of human secretions
  • Instrument to detect
  • Let’s see if there’s a Novel coronavirus in us
  • If so, the test results are positive
  • On the other hand, if it doesn’t, it’s negative.

How do I test for COVID swabs?

“Sir, an oropharyngeal swab, a nasopharyngeal swab, or an anal swab, which one?”

How to do a nasopharyngeal swab?

For nasopharyngeal swabs, the patient must sit up straight with the head upright so that the nasal base perpendicular to the axis of the patient’s face can be viewed and accessed.

Flocking tip cotton swab nylon sterile nasal swab stick

A cotton swab is inserted into the patient’s nose parallel to the nose and the base of the septum. As long as there is no obstruction in the nasal cavity, the swab continues to move in this direction until it reaches the nasopharynx, at which point the tester feels resistance.

Once the swab reaches the nasopharynx, gentle rotation and two full 360 degree rotations are recommended in order to absorb secretions from the area.

Immediately after the swab is removed from the patient’s nose, a virus sample containing the virus transport medium is inserted. The handle of the cotton swab sticking out of the opening of the bottle is snapped off, closing the tube.

Oropharyngeal swab: relatively simple operation, less irritation, suitable for large-scale screening. Therefore, oropharyngeal swab nucleic acid testing is mainly used for COVID-19 screening in epidemic-related populations, and is used in the Nucleic acid routine testing Clinic of the First Hospital affiliated to NTU.

Nasopharyngeal swabs: technically demanding, uncomfortable, more accurate than oropharyngeal swabs. However, for some asymptomatic or mildly infected persons, the recovery after infection is faster, and pharyngeal nucleic acid may not be detected within 3-5 days.

Anal swab: high accuracy, reduce missed diagnosis. The study found that some patients with nucleic acid positive stool or anal swab stay longer than the upper respiratory tract stay time. Therefore, anal swab tests should be performed on key populations such as quarantine sites or some imported populations

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