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Insert Molding Service

About Insert Molding

Insert molding is the process of injection molding molten plastic around any substrate or insert.

There are many substrates used in insert molding, but the most popular is brass threaded inserts and bushing.  In addition, many companies make custom inserts that can be insert molded.  It is really left up to the imagination when deciding what type of inserts can be over molded.

The benefit to insert molding is that parts can be mass produced faster than machining whole parts out of metal.  Even though insert molding adds to the cycle time (typically 15 seconds per insert) it is still much faster than cnc machining a part from a solid block.  Furthermore, by insert molding metals where necessary and replacing the rest of the part with plastic will in turn reduce the overall weight of the part.

Did you know you can insert mold plastic parts?  This process is called over molding and it lends itself when you need two or more different materials in the same part.

Furthermore, RJC is one of the few injection molding companies that offer over molding and insert molding services.

Custom Insert Overmolding.

The part below was created using a custom metal insert supplied by our customer.  Because of our skilled mold design engineers we were able to mechanically place the insert into the mold and inject the plastic around it.

Let us quote your next project.  We are sure to take the headache out of your next Insert or overmolding project, as we know these projects can be very complicated.  In addition, we have Insert and overmolded parts with over 48 inserts in one part.  At RJC, there is not an Insert or overmolding project we will not tackle.