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Our exceptional CNC Cutting services allow us to manufacture parts and assemblies from a wide variety of materials, all with unmatched precision and precision.

What Is CNC Cutting?

Computer numerical control, or CNC, is a motion system that uses movement commands (G-code) to tell a machine what to do and how to do it. While most people probably imagine a CNC router when someone says “CNC machine,” technically, any machine that operates in CNC can be considered a CNC machine. Examples of other popular CNC machines include CNC lathes, CNC laser cutters, and even 3D printers.

On the more professional side of manufacturing, CNC cutting describes completely cutting (or splitting) a base material into multiple pieces, usually in a stencil format (2D shapes with a depth). However, on the hobbyist side of CNC machining, CNC cutting can mean any CNC subtractive manufacturing.

The most significant advantage of using a CNC cutter is that it makes diagonal, curved, and straight cuts very easy. Because you’re programming the machine to cut, rather than having to cut it with a saw or similar tool manually, you virtually eliminate any chance of human error. This is the most common problem in your woodworking, so having a machine that can make these cuts the perfect fit for you is a real blessing.

The strength of RJC CNC cutting services

The Factors That Influence LSR Liquid Silicone Moldings
CNC cutting technology

The number one consideration for RJC CNC cutting services is knowing which techniques are available for actual cutting. “Technology” here refers to the different types of machines that can be used. RJC gives you more options. At the very least, the service should have the cutting technique you want (if you have a preference).

The Factors That Influence LSR Liquid Silicone Moldings

Another consideration for RJC is the material available for cutting. As you probably know, CNC cutting can be done on many different materials, including wood and metal. As with the technology available at RJC, RJC offers the service with the most materials to provide you with options for a variety of services.

The Factors That Influence LSR Liquid Silicone Moldings

RJC believes that the capacity a service can handle is essential. Some CNC cutting services are geared towards professional businesses and large orders, while others are focused on individual consumers. You don’t want to order 10,000 parts from a company with just a few small cutters, so it’s crucial to choose a service that matches the size of your order.

The Factors That Influence LSR Liquid Silicone Moldings

Finally, and most importantly for many, you should consider the price of your cutting service. While prices will vary based on technology, materials, design, and shipping, you may want to choose a service that fits your budget. We considered this.

Why choose RJC

  • Prototype to production
  • Contract manufacturing
  • The for all manufacturing needs
  • Wide variety of materials in stock
  • Value-added services available
  • Capable of providing turnkey assemblies
  • Latest Technology
  • Projects of Any Size
  • Cut Virtually Any Material
  • Exceptional Quality
  • Ultra-fast Lead Times
  • Competitive Pricing

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