Throughout the years, Shenzhen RJC Industries Co.,Ltd has been devoted and continued to improve automotive plastic parts for Toyota. The goal has always been to make our automotive plastic parts injection molding products and solutions the best of the best. These plastic injection molded car parts are designed with a molding strategy that keeps costs low and operating appropriately.

We are very pleased with their designing and processing ability, as well as the integrity of the personnel we have had the enjoyment during in contact with at RJC Industries.”Said our customer and friend Frank, who is a major car parts supplier for Toyota , Honda in Brazil.

In 2013, we received a request from Frank to design plastic injection molding for Toyota Japan and Toyota Brazil. The client’s budget is 6500USD. Other competitors’ lowest quotation is 8500USD. After carefully study customer’s background and the original plastic parts design, we feel we have full confidence to achieve customer’s requirements and our quotation can be 5500USD with reasonable profit, which is more competitive compared with our competitors. And We believe we can deliver more faster with higher precision. After an onsite factory inspection and face to face talk, frank decide to cooperate with us.

However, we still face some problems during the development of molding design and process, the product inner thickness is only 0.4mm and so on, and finally our professional engineer team resolved these problems, and we delivered the required two molds in just 12 days, the customer is very surprised and satisfied and praise our team.

After using these Toyota car plastic injection molds, the customer has greatly shorten the production cycle. Because these plastic parts size are accurate and long lasting. Customer has save 20% money while improved 30% in efficiency, parts wear rate reduced by 20%. Now we have been established a strategic partnership with Frank, for many other Toyota car plastic parts injection molding projects.

If you are looking for experienced Toyota plastic parts injection molding company and solution provider in China, then you are coming to the right place. Immediately contact us by email at [email protected], you will get far more than satisfaction then expected, either in design, lead time, price, accuracy or durability.