A 3D printer company call Cubibot who can be one of the most potential enterprise tomorrow, and a ambitious team is running the operation to work with us ( RJC) . we are doing what we can to support product development , and plastic mold manufacturing with quality checking & inspection .

This is our first time to visit their management team who are from San Diego. And we did talk in detail regarding further cooperation in contract manufacturing . and more models of 3D printer in education , industrial and other usage purpose .

Besides , we had a preliminary concept between us to sell product to China mainland market , in which , we will need to gather more data and market investigation .

Anyway , above of all. We will do what we are good at ( contract manufacturing in plastic injection mold , injection molding service with CNC aluminum service which we are dedicated in over 16 years ) . that would be the priority to make this product open to market and expanding . honored to support our dear friend in business and for sure we will make them happen .