Overview of WEDM

Wire electrical discharge machining (WEDM) is a process of metal machining in which a tool discharges thousands of sparks to a metal workpiece. WEDM is an unconventional process that works on parts that are resistant to conventional processes, but only if they conduct electricity. Usually, they are non-ferrous metals, including steel, titanium, superalloys, brass and many other metals. Wires in Wire electrical discharge machining are usually molybdenum or copper. WEDM works by generating an electric discharge between the wire or electrode and the workpiece. When the spark jumps across the gap, material is removed from both the workpiece and the electrode. To prevent a spark short circuit, a non-conducting fluid or dielectric should also be used. The waste is removed by the dielectric and the process continues.

Why use WEDM

Because this process can cut very small pieces, it is often ideal for producing small, high-detail projects that are often too fine-grained for other processing options. In addition, the process is cost-effective for a small number of projects, and can prove beneficial to prototyping even when the actual project is done in a different way. This process produces incredibly accurate, high quality cutting even on micron scale parts. Cutting thin materials, intricate details and tight ribs can be done easily without burring. WEDM is best suited for projects with tolerances, material stress limitations and high quality requirements.

Benefit of use WEDM

No impact cutting – machining hard materials usually requires a great deal of force and impact force to form the desired shape, and a great deal of force and impact can produce stresses that deform the material during cutting and rapid wear of tools. With Wire EDM, as long as the material conducts electricity, there is no impact or stress.

Easy to make complex shapes – because Wire EDM machine use electrical discharges throughout a fine wire, it is easy to cut precise and complex shapes even in the hardest or most brittle materials. Because wires can form an infinite range of shapes, tiny Outlines and holes can be formed even without heating the material to soften and harden.

High tolerance – line cutting is more accurate than laser, flame or plasma cutting. It does not apply any force on the parts, thus enabling Wire EDM machining to achieve high tolerances for precise dimensions and exact fit. This eliminates the need for additional processing and finishing of the parts after processing.

WEDM can produce better moulds and thus reduce costs. Because wire EDM processing can be used to efficiently process any conductive material, no matter how hard or brittle it is, the processing will take less time and can be done in one process. Therefore, wedm can also reduce waste. There is no need to heat treat or clean the parts after processing, because the edm wire cutting machine can easily cut through or even harden the material.