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About us

In 2002, in order to establish a mold company with widely recognized design and manufacturing services, dedicated and experienced mold manufacturers and engineers established RJC’ factory in USA.

After years of hard work, RJC has grown into one of the most reputable mold manufacturers, providing services to many of the most important companies in the world.

In addition, RJC provides first-class injection molding and OEM solutions for global customers. We look forward to participating in the success of your following projects.

RJC’s team is composed of highly skilled engineers/designers and experts who have many years of experience and rich knowledge in providing the most comprehensive and capable range of services we require.


  • Provide value with exceeding expectation and a one-stop excellent service provider, exceeding customers’ expectation
  • Embracing continuous improvement, create and fulfill market needs
  • Create a highly recognized company image and brand recognition
  • Establish an excellent company culture, enhance a harmonious enterprise working condition


We are recognized by our customers, employees, industries, and society as a first-class mold-manufacturing company.


  • Rapid (Fast Response)
  • Joyful (Happiness-oriented)
  • Creative (Original Thinking Makes Differences)
  • Customer-oriented
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Team Spirit


Employee know-how, fast response, joy, creativity, and dedication are guarantees of our continuous success. Therefore, RJC places great emphasis on employee education and advanced training.

By providing technical and management training in co-operation with local companies in the same business and other well-known institutes in China, RJC ensures that we have competent staff.

Having the vision to create a peace-living environment, the company invested in building RJC Value a comfortable and peaceful working atmosphere for our employees; this has always been a goal for the management team.

In RJC, we value the effort of every employee and share pride in our company’s success.

Why Trust us ?

RJC was founded in 2002, the year of being after nearly ten years of working, the founder Mr. Louis Luo who has experienced through dedicated efforts in multiple America factories as a quality engineer and design engineer.
And devoted himself to contributing to controlling and improving company processes to a greater extent and won rewards through achieving targets and bring sustainable value to enterprises.

And he keeps doing things with the spirit of a craftsman, who quit his job and make a start-up to pursue a higher target of life and create much more value to the ones who needed (Clients) and take more responsibility for society.

To do business and offer service, the RJC team keeps following Founder as a guideline to deliver rapid response, fast analysis, and quick quote; as always, clients are more than friends. We do what we can to have value dispatched and bring their ideas into reality to reach a win-win situation, and this is what we do and what we live. And the whole teams work as one man.

So RJC is a trusted firm that you can work with, a trusted friend you can make in your life, a trusted partner you can trust. What specific service that RJC offers? Not limited to:

1) In-house production molds (Plastic & Die-casting)

2) Injection molding

3) Exported molds (deliver molds to overseas for molding locally)

4) Rapid prototyping ( 3D printing, machining & Vacuum Casting)

5) Precision CNC machining ( CNC Milling & CNC Turning)

6) Silicone components (LSR & Compression)

7) Sheet Metal Fabrication

8) Post-processing (painting, plating, printing, anodizing, chroming, etc.)