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Why trust RJC?

RJC was founded in 2002, the year being after nearly 10 years working, the founder Mr. Louis Luo experienced through the dedicated efforts in multiple HK-own factories as a quality engineer and design engineer. And devoted himself to the contribution of controlling and improving company processes to a higher extent and won reward through achieving target and bring sustainable value to enterprises.

And he keeps doing things with the spirit of a craftsman, who quit his job and make a start-up to pursue a higher target of life and to create much more value for the ones who needed (Clients), as well as taking more responsibility for society.

What makes Mr. Louis keep doing one thing for nearly 20 years till today? “Manufacturing creates value and the world needs it, we are nothing without it,” said Mr. Louis. Obviously, he will continue to do what he is doing and will not stop, which takes significant patience and persistence. All these years after, he stays with clients, stays with values, stays with responsibility. A guideline to us.

This makes RJC great today; this is who shapes RJC culture, which makes JC Rapid different today.

To make business and offer service. RJC team keeps following Founder as a guideline to deliver rapid response, fast analysis, and quick quote as always, clients are more than friends to us, we do what we can to have value delivered and bring their ideas into reality to reach a win-win situation, this is what we do. This is what we live on. And the whole team works as one man.

So RJC is a trusted firm that you can work with, a trusted friend you can make in your life, a trusted partner you can rely on. What specific service that RJC offers? Not limited to:

1) In-house production molds (Plastic & Die-casting)

2) Injection molding

3) Exported molds (deliver molds to overseas for molding locally)

4) Rapid prototype ( 3D printing, machining & Vacuum Casting)

5) Precision CNC machining ( Milling & Turning)

6) Silicone components (LSR & Compression)

7) Sheet Metal

8) Post-processing (painting, plating, printing, anodizing, chroming, etc…)