Manufacturing medical devices: RJC Injection molding Services

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Plastic injection molding company provides products and services for a variety of customers. The product that the medical profession generally needs is medical device. Different from the standard plastic injection process, injection molding of medical plastics exceeds the standard. This type of plastic injection molding service is not just a matter of plastic materials, molds and the right machine, but also about meeting the high standards set by ISO. ISO standards and quality control [...]

How to choose the perfect material for your plastic parts?

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There are many things to consider when deciding which type of resin to use when making plastic parts. What works for one product may not work for another, because each plastic material has its own unique properties and advantages. To fully understand how to choose the perfect material for your plastic parts, you need to understand your product. So consider these questions as you weigh your options. 1.What is the intended use of your [...]

What exactly are the cotton swabs used for nucleic acid and antigen tests made of? Is there any reagent on it? Is it really poisonous?

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There are two types of swabs for nucleic acid testing and antigen testing, namely nasal swabs and pharyngeal swabs. The pharyngeal swabs are usually 15 centimeters long, and the nasal swabs are 6 to 8 centimeters long. The "cotton swabs" you see for sampling are not the same as the skim cotton swabs we use every day. It is mainly composed of nylon short fiber pile head and medical grade ABS plastic rod. Millions [...]

Notes on injection molding of medical devices

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Injection molding is a widely used manufacturing process in the medical industry, providing many advantages for a variety of applications. Medical grade plastic injection molding is used for medical devices, components, laboratories and facilities. One of the key advantages of the injection molding process is its ability to meet the stringent regulatory and regulatory needs of the medical industry, which we discuss in further detail below. Benefits of injection molding for medical devices Medical [...]

How to Improve Quality Control in CNC Machining?

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Computer numerical control (CNC) machines have become a standard in the machining industry. Their accuracy, speed, and ease of use make them indispensable tools. But despite these advantages, they’re still not perfect. Quality control remains an essential step to catch and prevent defects, yet many facilities have sub-par CNC quality control systems. While errors are far less likely with CNC machines than manual processes, they can still happen. When they do, they can create [...]

Calculating Injection Molded Plastic Part Shrinkage

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When designing any part for injection molding, it is important to consider the shrinkage and contraction rate of the material and the associated geometry of the component. Plastic shrinkage is the dimensional change that occurs in a molded part as it cools after injection. Most of the part shrinkage occurs while still within the molding tool during the cooling stage, but a small amount of shrinkage occurs after ejection, as the part continues to [...]

Advantages of injection molding of medical plastics

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The essence of medical injection molding is to manufacture medical components and devices using durable, reliable and FDA-compliant medical grade plastic materials. The medical plastic injection molding process is cost-effective and ideal for mass production operations and applications requiring consistency and tight tolerances. This molding process is also used for medical device prototype development and laboratory testing during the FDA approval process. RJC is a leading supplier of injection molding components for medical plastics. [...]

How to efficiently and quickly inject the deep-hole plate, which will be used for 200 million NAT?

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A total of 9.214 billion NAT have been conducted in China since the outbreak of COVID-19, according to the National Health Commission (NHC), reported People's Daily Overseas. By the end of March this year, China had 12,500 medical and health institutions conducting nucleic acid testing, with a total nucleic acid testing capacity of over 48.85 million tubes per day.If the 10-in-1 or 20-in-1 detection is carried out, 490 million or 980 million people can be detected [...]

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