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Our history

In July 2002, Louis set up an design studio in China with only $300 and a team of four people  JC Rapid MFG was founded and registered as one trusted-worthy design company. Served clients for mold designing & manufacturing business.


A RJC Company

In January 2021 Hubs was proudly acquired by RJC, the global leader in fast custom manufacturing.

We’re very excited because it’s an incredible opportunity to further our mission of making custom manufacturing accessible. By combining forces we’ve created the world’s most comprehensive digital manufacturing offer for custom parts, giving our combined customer base better access to increased design complexity, tighter tolerances, additional finishing options, more materials, and a broader range of lead-time options.

You can read more about the acquisition here: RJC join forces.

At the heart of RJC is an online prototyping and manufacturing platform where engine

ers and designers can turn ideas into objects in a matter of days, via precision 3D printing, CNC or injection-molded parts, or even directly into mass manufacturing. Reduce your uncertainty with the product, and provide accurate production advice and production delivery time, in the future can become the world’s top quality custom processing manufacturers and strive to strive, all customer-centric


RJC Mold founder

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