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Our History

Sep 2020

 RJC  at Shenzhen Manufacturing Show

2020 Shenzhen SIMM Industrial Exhibition
2019 MD&M Mid-West Exhibition

Nov 2019

 RJC  at MD&M Minnesota Show

June 2019

 RJC  at MD&M New York Show

2019 NY MD&M East Exhibition
RJC Mold at Las Vegas SEMA Show

Nov 2018

RJC Mold at Las Vegas SEMA Show

Sep 2018

RJC Mold at Frankfurt Automechanica, Germany

RJC Mold Staff Visit New Delhi Customers

August 2018

RJC Mold New Delhi Visit

June 2018

RJC mold visit customers through US West & East Coast

rjc mold at China shanghai Medical Equipment Show

April 2018

RJC Mold At Shanghai Medical Equipment Show

In 2016

After striving for 15 years and re-grouping the whole company, then a new Horizon comes to the conclusion which means new structure born inside –Business Unit.

Setting up Machining BU and Mold & Molding BU. Targeting for more dedicated business mode and reach higher for customer demand and satisfaction.

In 2014

The annual output value reached 4 million US dollars.

In 2012

The introduction of ERP production management system, and solve the problems of production management theory and a better process established.

In 2010

Expanding and strengthening foreign trade marketing team, more talents introduced and more products available.

In 2009

With setting up the foreign trade marketing team, and getting breakthrough of achieving 50% growth for annual turnover, a fruitful came to an end which approves rightful enterprise strategy.

In 2008

Head Quarter moved together to Branch Factory for better-centralized managing and set up domestic marketing team with building plastic injection molding department for targeting extensive business filed which also expected by customers.

In 2007

Branch factory establishment in a new industrial park which located Baoan district ShaJing Town, with taking advantage of business opportunity and new marketing positioning.

In 2005

Considering faster expansion, more investment in machinery and talents, to maintain and motivate better business expectation and better quality achievement.

In 2004

The first to develop new technology of rapid tooling, using simple steel, aluminum mold, injection molding, die-casting molding, vacuum blister, low-pressure perfusion such as technology, as a partner in 5-7 working days to provide the batch products into reality.

In 2003

For meeting more demand and better meeting customer expectation and satisfaction, expanding our business scale, and start involving rapid prototypes field and Rapid mold shop for the considerable scale of manufacturing.

In 2002

JC Rapid MFG was founded and registered as one trusted-worthy design company. Served clients for mold designing & manufacturing business.