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About Insert Molding

Insert molding is the process of injection molding molten plastic around any substrate or insert.

Many substrates are used in insert molding, but brass threaded inserts and bushing are the most popular. In addition, many companies make custom inserts that can be insert molded.

It is left up to the imagination when deciding what type of inserts can be over-molded. The benefit to insert molding is that parts can be mass-produced faster than whole machining parts out of metal.

Even though insert molding adds to the cycle time (typically 15 seconds per insert), it is still much faster than CNC machining a part from a solid block.

Furthermore, by insert molding metals where necessary and replacing the rest of the part with plastic will, in turn, reduce the overall weight of the part.

Did you know you can insert mold plastic parts? This process is called over-molding, and it lends itself when you need two or more different materials in the same part.

Furthermore, RJC is one of the few injection molding companies that offer over-molding and insert molding services.

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Partner with RJC for custom insert molding

RJC offers insert molding as part of its injection molding capabilities. For a free insert molding design review and quote, please provide us with your CAD files. Our team of injection molding experts will get back to you within 24 hours. If you would like to learn more about our injection molding capabilities, please contact us for a design guide. If injection molding isn’t the best option for you, you can also try our polyurethane casting or 3D printing.
Insert molding is an injection molding process that is especially useful for parts with threaded holes. It also helps you make better wheels, pulleys, fan blades, and similar parts.

Insert Molding Advantages
  • Durability: Metal inserts will guarantee thread function and mitigate wear and tear over the part’s life.
  • Strength: Because it’s a “one-shot” process, insert molding can produce more vital parts than overmolding and other processes.
  • Creating Production Parts: Insert molding is great for creating prototypes and production parts.

 Done correctly, insert molding can help

  • Eliminate assembly: You can make parts all at once instead of doing assembly after the fact.
  • Reduce costs: Insert molding costs more than standard injection molding, but the costs are usually offset because you no longer need to do post-assembly.
  • Lower the size and weight of the part: A plastic part with a metal insert is generally lighter than an all-metal part.
  • Improve reliability: Metal inserts will guarantee thread function and mitigate wear and tear over the part’s life.
  • Improve part strength: Because it’s a “one-shot” process, it can produce more substantial parts than overmolding and other processes.

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