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Rjcmold’s Standard Finishes

Rjcmold offers a wide variety of finishing options available for an instant online quote. We offer finishing services for most of our manufacturing processes, including CNC machining, sheet metal Fabrication, 3D printing, injection molding, urethane casting, and more!

Rjcmold’s Finishes

Rjcmold’s instant quoting page allows users to customize the material, features, finish and add notes to their custom manufacturing project. Rjcmold offers many standard finishing options which instantly price online. For further customization, you can specify multiple finishes per part; we are your one-stop shop. Learn more about each finish we offer, and see examples in the sections below.
Suppose you’re interested in a particular finishing or post-processing option but don’t see it listed. You can always contact us or select the “Other” finish option while quoting to specify your needs and request a manual review.

Injection Molding Finishes

Rjcmold has access to a diverse marketplace of molding suppliers and all standard mold finishing options. Mold finishes can range from glossy to matte to even patterned. Finishes applied to the surface of the mold cavity transfer to the surface of the molded part. For example, a mold surface that is polished to be reflective will make a reflective (or transparent) part. Mold finishes differ from CNC machined or 3D printed parts, where each component is treated individually. Adding a finish or texture can change the tool’s price depending on the process required, but it does not alter the price of the individual parts.

Our standard mold finishes include the following:

  • Society of Plastics Industry (SPI) Mold Finishes
  • Mold-Tech
  • VDI

Injection Molding Finishes In Detail

Popular Finishes for Metal

Other Metal Finishes We Offer

Urethane and Silicone Casting Finishes

Urethane-Casted parts can be either rigid, flexible, or even rubber-like depending on the composition of the Urethane used. We offer Urethane in a wide variety of color options such as transparent (standard), black, and color matching. Parts may also be applied with a standard, smooth finish, or a custom finish, which includes adding hardware installations and painting.

Cast Urethane and Silicone Finish Options

Popular 3D Printing Finishes

3D Printing Finishes By Process

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