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At Rjcmold, we specialize in providing precision laser cutting services with an emphasis on very small parts that require exceptional edge quality and extremely close tolerances.Discover Rjcmold’s online Laser Cutting Service. Upload your file, select the material, and receive your laser cut pieces in days!

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Rjcmold’s Laser Cutting Service

Rjcmold’s offers an online custom laser cutting service in metal, plastic, rubber. Rjcmold’s laser cutting offers a cost-effective and on-demand solution for your manufacturing needs. Our laser cutting service supports a wide variety of materials, including many different types of metal, plastic (including acrylic), rubber. We can meet your needs, whether it’s single prototype production, low-volume production, batch production, or high-volume production runs.
You can get an instant quote from a 3D CAD file (file formats include: STEP, STP, SLDPRT, DXF, IPT, PRT, or SAT files) through our Instant Quoting Engine.

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Precision metal laser cutting of thin metals for industrial and engineering applications

At Rjcmold, our steel laser cutting service produces complex parts ranging from 0.03” to 1.18” thick. These burr-free and distortion-free parts can be used for medical, electronic, and industrial applications. We offer laser cut steel parts with high accuracy and lightning speed. The use of top-of-the-line fiber optic laser technology allows us to produce thin metal parts three to four times faster than traditional laser cutting machinery.

When combined with operational cost savings and a larger table size, our metal laser cutting services provide a solid alternative to metal stamping, plasma, and water jet cutting. Simply send us your digital drawings, and your parts will be ready in no time.

In addition to our standard laser, we now have a more advanced 12k laser that allows for faster processing times for steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and even non-ferrous metals, all with excellent cutting quality and high parts output. That means you get the same top-notch products but at a lower cost.

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Advantages of Laser Cutting

Our laser-cutting services are accurate, cost-effective, and create clean cuts that require minimal secondary processing. Other advantages include:

Materials and Thicknesses for Laser Cut Parts

We offer the following metal materials for custom laser cut parts. Note that based on material thickness, maximum part size will vary.

Material Grade Thicknesses Available
  • 5052-H32
  • 6061-T6
0.025 in. – 0.250 in. (0.635mm – 6.35mm)
  • Galvanneal
  • Galvanized
0.025 in. – 0.250 in. (0.635mm – 6.35mm)
Stainless Steel
  • 304-2B
  • 304 #4
  • 316-2B
0.025 in. – 0.250 in. (0.635mm – 6.35mm)
  • C1010
  • C1100
0.025 in – 0.125 in. (0.635mm – 3.175)
  • C260
0.025 in. – 0.125 in. (0.635mm – 3.175)

Laser Cutting Design Guidelines

Follow these guidelines for flat, laser cut parts to ensure quality and accelerate production time.

Maximum Size
  • Thickness 3.40mm – 6.35mm: 990.6mm x 482.6mm
  • Thickness 0.61mm-  3.40mm: 990.6mm x 1,193.6mm
 Minimum Part Size  6.35mm x 6.35mm
Material Thicknesses 0.61mm – 6.35mm
  • +/- 0.127mm for all features (except for hardware holes)
  •  +0.076mm/-0.000mm on hardware insert holes to ensure correct seating of inserts

Laser-cutting applications

Laser cutting is a frequently used manufacturing process in industries such as energy storage, computer electronics, robotics, and aerospace. Common parts fabricated with laser cutting include:

  • High-precision removal of material in virtually any shape or pattern
  • Cutting plastic film shapes for medical device components
  • Creating profiles for “balloon” embolic protection devices
  • Cutting catheters to length for cardiovascular life sciences uses
  • Creating window openings for sensors in glucose monitors
  • Cutting flow cell channels for in-vitro diagnostic tools
  • Shaping components for orthopedic implants
  • Removing metal coatings from polymer-based films
  • Micro-texturing patterns on part surfaces or the sides of molds

Multi-Axis Laser Cutting Capabilities

In order to deliver the highest quality parts and the greatest ROI for our clients, Rjcmold continually invests in the very latest and most efficient laser cutting technologies. This enables us to deliver the highest quality parts to you faster and at a more competitive cost than our competition.

With multiple 5-axis CNC laser cutting systems and 2D lasers, we can produce dimensionally perfect and totally repeatable metal parts, no matter how simple or complex your designs.

We use dynamic nesting to optimize material usage. By analyzing your part shapes and material needs, we can determine how to get the most parts from the least amount of material.

We have 24/7, lights-out laser cutting capabilities that allow us to deliver high quantity orders in fast turnarounds. Each part will be cut with perfect precision and match your designs exactly, from the first piece to the last.

Is Laser Cutting the Process You Need?

Our engineering staff can help you determine if 2D or 3D laser cutting will be a viable solution to your requirement. Click the button below to get in touch with our engineers. You can even upload prints and documents if you wish – so that we can look things over and get you an answer fast.

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