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Drone Applications and Prospects

The drone is an unmanned aircraft operated by radio remote control equipment and a self-provided program control device. The widespread application of drones in various fields has greatly expanded the use of drones themselves. Developed countries are also actively expanding industry applications and developing drone technology.

According to application fields, drones can be divided into military and civilian use. For military use, drones are divided into reconnaissance aircraft and target drones. For civilian use, drones industry applications are the real rigid demand for drones. Drones are widely used in industries such as police, urban management, agriculture, geology, meteorology, electric power, rescue and disaster relief, and video shooting.

The domestic drone market has been developed for more than 30 years, from the initial military field to the civilian consumer field. At present, the domestic consumer drone market is hot, and the recognition and demand for drones by ordinary people are increasing. In the past two years, drone companies, the number of drone pilots, and the use of drones have increased significantly, and the regulatory system for drones has also been further improved. In the next five years, the civilian drone industry will continue to maintain a relatively rapid development trend.

What We Can Do

The drones consist of a fuselage, wings, tail, landing gear, automatic flight control system and power system. The material of the drone fuselage is generally PC and ABS, the wings and tail are PP, and the landing gear is PA. As the requirements for drones become higher and higher, composite materials such as PC, GF, and PC or ABS have become the first choice for drones. We can manufacture drone fuselage, wings, and landing gear according to the specific needs of customers.

RJC has made a series of investments in developing new technologies to optimize processes. RJC is proficient in providing customers with customized mold manufacturing such as injection molding, insert molding, and multi-cavity molding, and has a group of trustworthy customers. Therefore, RJC is also mature in manufacturing injection molds and molding.

Leading drone component manufacturers believe that we can maintain the integrity of their designs and start their projects as planned.

Contact Us to Manufacture What You Required

We urge you to call us when you have manufacturing requirements. Our group is always ready to give manufacturability evaluation, design suggestions as well as molding solutions according to your demands. RJC will begin the production procedure just after we have actually completely connected the entire project as well as there are no questions. We will certainly maintain close interaction with the customer’s design group and purchase team throughout the production process, and corresponding experts will participate in each stage to make sure that the products we generate can fulfill customer requirements in a timely manner and also on budget.

In other words, contact us to produce what you require, we can satisfy your demands.