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Get high-precision, accuracy, intricate machined parts with extremely complex geometries with our 5 axis CNC machining services. Competitive pricing and fast turnaround.

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With 20+ years of experience in precision CNC machining, Rjcmold has 5-Axis CNC machining centers to support your projects. They enable us to offer you custom machined parts with one-stop solutions on demand. Whether you need OEM metal parts or plastic machined parts, in simple structure or complex structure, that is not a problem to us. Because we can supply CNC Machining Service with the right CNC machines accordingly.
Rjcmold has also invested in the human resources needed to take full advantage of the benefits 5-axis machining offers. We hire only the best, most capable, and experienced CNC programmers and operators. We continually provide training for our existing staff. Additionally, we further differentiate ourselves by having many of our 5-axis CNC operators do their own programming. This eliminates hand-off problems between programming and operations while ensuring end results are what the drawings or models intended.
By selecting us, you would get a good and reliable partner for your CNC machining projects. Try us! Rjcmold will NEVER let you down!

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Our 5 Axis CNC Machining Capabilities

Rjcmold’s 5-axis machining services offer unparallel speed and flexibility. With an extensive range of advanced 5-axis CNC machines and a long list of materials, Rjcmold has the capability to deliver the best 5-axis machined parts. Our experienced team and manufacturing capabilities help rapidly design and fabricate complex, time-sensitive components. With world-class equipment, expertise, and experience, Rjcmold uses two outstanding setups to provide precise, complex parts.

High Precision, Higher Quality 5 Axis CNC Machining Services

With essentially infinite possibilities, our 5 axis CNC machining services are unique in their abilities to effectively process your parts. DEK, with its state-of-the-art 5-axis CNC machining equipment and experienced machinists, can achieve high precision machining of parts with incredibly complicated geometries.Our 5 axis CNC machining services are widely used in the automotive, aerospace, and equipment industries. Welcome to contact our engineering experts for further communication.

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Advantages of 5-Axis CNC Machining

5-axis machining offers the unique of advantage of the fact that the mill and the part can be moved in as much as 5 ways at the same time around multiple axes. As a result, 5-axis machining enables complex parts to be produced in a cost-effective manner.

Applications of 5-Axis CNC Machining

  • Aerospace: The aerospace industry uses 5-axis CNC machines to create geometrically challenging and intricate components that often require smooth edges, contours, interior cuts, or other finishes. 5-axis machining eliminates the need for repositioning, ensuring higher accuracy.
  • Automotive: With a need for a low-cost, high-volume production outlet, the automotive industry relies on 5-axis machining to produce consistent, high-quality components with precise tolerances. The industry also benefits from the versatility of CNC machining processes to create detailed pieces from a broad range of materials used in vehicle production.
  • Energy: Components in the energy industry are exposed to extreme environments and often play a critical role in the safety and security of site conditions. 5-axis CNC machining helps to ensure that these parts are manufactured precisely and finished to the exact specifications necessary to maintain safety and functionality.
  • Industrial Sector: The industrial sector accounts for a multitude of industries not explicitly mentioned here, many of which rely on the versatility, efficiency, and precision of 5-axis milling machines to create complex, detailed components.
  • Medical: 5-axis cutting machines aid in creating medical implants, devices, and other equipment that have to meet rigorous healthcare standards, allowing manufacturers to finish even the smallest of parts with extreme precision.

Materials for Custom 5 Axis CNC Machining

Our 5-axis milling services are compatible with a wide array of materials, ranging from metals to plastics. Depending on your applications, you can choose from the over 50 production-grade materials we offer at Rjcmold. See our list of 5-axis CNC machining materials. You can also contact us to discuss your unique requirements.

Name Description
Aluminum It has high machinability and a good strength-to-weight ratio. Its high thermal and electrical conductivity and natural resistance to corrosion make it a perfect CNC material.
5-axis CNC machining can produce aluminum parts with excellent mechanical properties, accuracy, and repeatability. It’s excellent and suitable for advanced applications.

Stainless Steel

It offers high tensile strength, temperature, wear, and corrosion resistance. It is a popular material in machining industries due to the potential for good feeds and speeds.
Rjcmold prefers stainless steel because of its high performance in situations where parts may be exposed to the elements for a long period.
Copper It offers excellent electrical and thermal conductivity and high corrosion resistance and toughness. Automotive, aerospace, power, and medical industries make use of copper, especially for these properties.
It is cost-effective and suitable for most electrical applications. It is fairly soft and can be easily alloyed with other metals.
Titanium Rjcmold, as a high-end machine shop, has been providing clients with precision 5-axis CNC machining for their titanium parts.
With state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled machinists, we produce high-quality, dependable titanium parts for nearly every industry. We can achieve tight tolerances of +/-0.001mm for titanium parts with complex and advanced geometries.
Brass Rjcmold uses brass because of its low friction, excellent electrical conductivity, and golden appearance. It is a metal alloy with good machinability and is ideal for applications that require low friction.
The result of machining brass is a part with good engineering properties. Moreover, it is durable, ductile, recyclable, and can withstand high temperatures.
Alloy Steel Alloy steel is a great option when it comes to machining parts with high strength, toughness, and fatigue resistance.
It contains other alloying elements in addition to carbon, resulting in improved roughness, hardness, fatigue, and wear resistance. Its impact resistance and higher tensile strength make it perfect for low-stress applications.
ABS ABS is tough, non-toxic, resilient, and allows detailed machining. It is a common thermoplastic known for its low cost and ease of machining. Machined ABS parts offer excellent mechanical properties.
It is a great choice for various prototyping applications. It is great for production-like parts, where mechanical properties and details are important.
POM POM is also known as Delrin/Acetal, is an engineering thermoplastic that offers high stiffness, high accuracy, and low friction. Its most use is in precision parts machining that requires high stiffness and excellent dimensional stability.
Machining POM requires low cost and can result in parts with good resilience, electrical properties, and insulation.
Nylon It is an engineering thermoplastic that is known for its excellent mechanical properties, thermal, chemical, and abrasion resistance.
Using Nylon for 5-axis CNC machining leads to parts with high strength, rigidity, hardness, toughness, and dimensional stability. Two of the most common use cases of Nylon are in medical devices and electronics insulation.

The Best 5-Axis CNC Machining & Milling Services for Precision Components

Whatever your application might be, Rjcmold’s engineers are happy to help bring your product to market in the shortest amount of time and at the lowest cost possible. Our focus is on supplying you with the best high-precision custom machined parts and products. We are committed to providing you with quality engineering, design services, and supply chain management that will exceed your expectations and meet every specification.
Contact us or request a quote to get started on your 5-axis CNC machining project today.

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