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Military and Defence

We can mold commercial polymers commonly used in military component applications, including PPSU, Nylon (PA/PPA), PEEK, PC, PAI/PEI, ABS, PMMA, Glass Filled, and Flame rate versions, and other leading material manufacturers.

We also offer embedded molding, cladding molding, and a range of standard and custom textures.

For more than 20 years we have been providing rapid injection molding solutions to leading manufacturers of defense components, producing parts to precise requirements for a variety of applications for the USA’s defense initiatives.

Working closely with our clients’ design and procurement teams, and following our streamlined production process that places a subject matter expert at every stage, from ideation to part production, we maintain design integrity and produce components according to a schedule our clients can count on.

Prototype plastic injection-molded components

RJC is one of the leading providers of rapid injection molding services worldwide due to our extremely experienced design and manufacturing teams, proprietary manufacturing expert system, and state-of-the-art injection mold making and molding system in our ISO-certified facilities.

We produce prototype injection components in as little as five days, which allows our clients to compress time to market, increase development iterations, and remain flexible longer before committing to high-volume tooling.

We mold any commercially available polymer commonly used in defense component applications including PPSU, Nylons (PA/PPA), PEEK, PC, PAI/PEI, ABS, PMMA, Glass Filled & Flame Rated versions, and others from leading material manufacturers. We also provide insert moldingovermolding, and a range of standard and custom textures.