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Manufacturing services for military and defense contractors

Our experienced design, tooling, molding, and assembly team along with the latest molding technologies offer aerospace and defense manufacturers the ability to out perform competitors in a highly demanding market with the highest quality aerospace plastic injection molded parts.

Parts manufactured for the Defense industries require expertise in aesthetics and demand strict and specific requirements. Our molding processes and procedures ensure repeatability on every project. The Rjcmold quality department takes careful consideration when during validation documentation. In business for over 20 years, you can rest assured our team has experience in molding commonly used aerospace engineering polymers such as PPO and PTFE.

Our Military & Defense Molding Services Address Military Complexities

RJC Mold is one of the leading providers of rapid injection molding services worldwide due to our highly experienced design and manufacturing teams, proprietary manufacturing expert system, and state-of-the-art injection mold making and molding system in our ISO-certified facilities.

RJC Mold produces prototype injection components in as little as five days, which allows our clients to compress time to market, increase development iterations, and remain flexible longer before committing to high-volume tooling.

RJC molds any commercially available polymer commonly used in defense component applications including PPSU, Nylons (PA/PPA), PEEK, PC, PAI/PEI, ABS, PMMA, Glass Filled & Flame Rated versions, and others from leading material manufacturers. We also provide insert moldingover-molding, and a range of standard and custom textures.

Our experience in the defense industry has given us a deep understanding of defense OEMs need for reliable service, cost-driven manufacturing, streamlined product development, and a steady supply chain.

There are several key benefits of using plastic parts, including performance in the field, ease of replacement, and material availability.

Rjcmold’s defense industry customers rely on a range of critical manufacturing services, including:

  • Custom Manufacturing in Engineered Plastics and Metal Components
  • Engineering and Tool Design
  • Prototyping
  • Validation and Regulatory Compliance
  • CMM and Vision System Inspection
  • Automation, Assembly, and Packaging

Molders and plastic parts manufacturers have a new opportunity for success with today’s military. As a world-class manufacturer, we manage the non-core aspects of your operations through complete turnkey manufacturing services that include design consulting, supply chain management, complex assembly, and manufacturing.

Molds and Products Show

Defense Instrument Component Mold

Defense Instrument Component Mold

CNC Machining Parts

CNC Machining Parts

CNC Machining Parts for Military and Defense

Military Release Buckle

CNC Machining Parts for Military and Defense

CNC Machining Parts for Military and Defense

Injection Molding Parts

Injection Molding Parts

We understand that DurabilityReliability, and Repeatability are paramount for Military & Defense Applications!

1. Durability: These components come in contact with extreme conditions and must be designed to withstand harsh environments and demanding applications while delivering optimal performance. Our team can assist with proper material selection along with enhancing property characteristics.

2. Reliability: It is of the utmost importance to be able to trust that these components will function without hesitation. This requires the knowledge of an experienced ITAR injection molder in order to work with your engineering team to determine the ideal materials and processes required for your specific application(s).

3. Repeatability: We have developed robust injection molding processes to ensure quality consistency, component uniformity, and process repeatability.

Where Plastic Parts Find a Home in Defense Products

If you can imagine a possible use for plastic in this space, it’s likely already in a real-world application. The versatility of plastic means that it can form everything from tiny components of a sub-assembly to an entire product. As a result, there are thousands, if not tens of thousands, of use cases in the military right now. Some of the most common include:

  • Ration packaging components, potable water containers, and eating utensils.
  • Communications components for aviation headsets, field radios, and more.
  • Fasteners, connectors, brackets, braces, latches, and other essential hardware.
  • Aircraft cockpit, seating components and armor.
  • The proper plastics manufacturer can support contractors with acquiring all these parts and more.

Quality Is Our Priority

Maintaining stringent military injection molding requirements begins with precision tooling and expert design. Our in-house design and engineering team is able to design and build molds to the precise specifications required for military and defense projects that are mission critical.
Mil-spec is short for military specification, and that means it has a specific physical and/or operational characteristic to identify the use of the product. In layman’s terms it means any product awarded that designation meets the high level of quality, design, and manufacturing standards that are needed for U.S. military and defense industry products.
Rjcmold has the credentials, expertise and capability to produce precision parts and assemblies for the U.S. military.

Machining, Assembly, and Fulfillment Services

We offer other value added services such as Precision CNC machining, product assembly for final and sub assemblies, part marking, and fulfillment services. Rjcmold is ISO9001 and ISO 13485 certified and compliant to AS9100. To make things more efficient, Rjcmold can pick, label, and ship your parts to your end customers.

Defense components require precise production and steadfast reliability. At Rjcmold, we understand the importance of producing critical components that can withstand stress in the field. Rjcmold is proudly ITAR registered, and our team of engineers and manufacturing specialists excel at compliantly producing components with high quality, tight tolerances that meet the rigorous requirements that the defense industry demands.

Our talented team has experience using highly engineered plastics and metals to produce durable, superior products for defense applications, and an aptitude for optimizing primary injection molding services with secondary services to lower costs and return value to the customer. We specialize in injection molding, over-molding, insert-molding, machining, assembly, and vacuum deposition shielding for precision optical components.

Molding & Manufacturing for Defense, Military, and Tactical Applications

As one of the Rjcmold’s top manufacturer’s of components and products for defense, Rjcmold uses scientific and decoupled molding to establish a stable and reliable injection molding process. We understand the necessity to start with LRIP (low-rate initial production) for proof-of-design. These lower production quantities provide for proofing of assembly functions, integration, and testing before moving to FRP (full-rate production). To aid in moving to FRP, our facilities incorporate automation and robotics to provide a single manufacturing solution for your military and defense plastic components.

Whether we’re molding complex electronic housings, tactical lighting, weapon attachments or controls, we approach the project with the same focus and intensity. Using Scientific Molding Principles, along with over 20 years of injection molding experience, we are able to get the proper performance from our molding resins and materials. Our overmolding and insert molding capabilities are second to none.

Many of the projects we work on require secondary operations such as sonic welded inserts, heli-coils, EMI Shielding, assembly, gasket application, post molding annealing, machining, decoration and painting. Whatever the requirement, we can handle it for you.

We at Rjcmold are proud to be a part of many projects that save lives and preserve our freedom and way of life. Please contact us if you have any questions or have a defense injection molding project that you would like us to help with.