An injection mold is a necessary tool for the mass production of plastic products in modern industry. It affects the complete structure and precise size of plastic products. Injection molding is a batch production of plastic products processing method, is the heat of the melting material by high pressure into the mold cavity, cooling and curing to form the product. Injection mold processing is a rather complex process, the operator needs to have professional knowledge, or it will produce inevitable defects and reduce the pass rate of plastic parts. Some problems you need to pay special attention to the process of injection mold?

Injection speed

The injection speed has an important influence on the final appearance quality of the product. It depends on the amount of oil supplied to the injection cylinder per unit of time.

The molding cycle

It includes injection time and product cooling time, and their effective control has a profound impact on the quality of the product. The mold manufacturer should define the product molding cycle by sample before injection molding.

Cylinder temperature and melting temperature

The melt temperature can be measured at the nozzle or by air injection, which is a determinant of its fluidity. Plastic his melting point is a melting state of the temperature range and there is no specific melting point. The control of these two temperatures is important to factor in product quality.

The injection pressure of molten plastic

Plastic in the process of filling the mold cavity has a lot of resistance, injection pressure directly determines the size of the product, weight, density, appearance, and so on. The injection engineer should control the injection pressure reasonably according to the comprehensive factors of the product.

Injection molding can be a complex shape of plastic products, is a high-efficiency and high-volume production, the quality of injection mold directly affects the quality of injection molding. In addition, in order to process high precision, high quality, complex surface injection mold, you must use advanced computer-aided design and manufacturing software to formulate reasonable process procedures.