The automobile industry is a very popular one. If you’re not driving, you are riding a bike. Or you’re boarding a bus. We are constantly in use of its product. With this great demand, there is a need to keep producing more parts. Firms are constantly producing more car parts. Or bike parts. These are not limited to the exterior only. But also includes the interior, the creation of car seats, dashboards, and much more.

This demand for more automotive parts needs a solution. So, firms want to produce more, at cheaper prices. This has led to the pairing of automotive with injection molding where firms can produce more at once at relatively less cost and more quality. But injection molding is not exclusive to automotive. It is used in other industries. What then is the difference?

Is there a special tech for automobile injection mobile? Well, read on and find out. Get answers to your entire question on injection molding and how it relates to automobile internal and external parts. So, briefly talk about automotive interior and exterior.

What are Automotive Interior and Exterior

An automobile comprises two parts; the interior and exterior parts. Also known as internal and external parts, these are the parts that join to form an automotive. They are key to the effective functioning of a car. And they come in various shapes and sizes. They are made from many materials; plastic, steel, etc.

Automotive interior refers to those parts inside a car. These parts form the inner design of the car while the automotive exterior refers to the outer parts of a car. These external parts form an outer style for the car.

Examples of the automotive interior include; dashboards, glove compartment, car seat, ashtray, front cover, rearview mirror, etc. These are some and there are even more internal parts.

Examples of the automotive exterior include; bumper, tires, side mirrors, the hood, the outer door, the trunk, and so on.

Most of these parts can be made using injection molding.

What is Injection Mould

Injection molding is a famous production process. It is the act of creating plenty of items. It is a collection of methods. These methods work together to produce quality products. Injection molding is a process used mostly for plastics to mold it into the desired product.

The plastic is first melted into a liquid. Then, it is injected into a mold cavity. Where it takes shape, it cools and becomes a product. Most of our dairy products are injection molded. Such as bottle caps, storage containers, and so on.

So, how does this process work for automotive parts? What is the special tech used for automotive parts? We will discuss.

Injection Mold for Automotive Interior and Exterior Parts

Automotive mold refers to all kinds of molds for automobiles. It involves casting mold, injection mold, glass mold, stamping mold, etc. But here, our focus will be on injection mold.

Injection mold for automobiles isn’t much different from other molds. However, it has unique traits of its own. Injection mold offers top value to automobile parts. So, top techs are applied to automobile injection mold. Thus, these advanced technologies include;

Sequence Valve Hot Runner Control Technology (SVG technology)

The first tech we have for automobiles is SVG technology. Its full meaning is sequence valve hot runner control technology shortened to SVG tech. It is a new cascade-type control hot runner tech. What it does is prevent appearance defects in products.

This new tech solves the old problem of look defects. Using an oil cylinder controls glue feeding. It resolves old multi-point synchronous glue feeding products by regulating the sequence which it does use an oil cylinder.

What this does is bring more quality to auto parts. Gone are the bleaks and marks of old injection mold. But your auto parts, both interior, and exterior. They both get a new, stylish look using this new tech. It avoids welding marks that could cause defects. It also avoids welding cavitation. SVG tech also helps to reduce flow length.

It is useful to reduce molding pressure. Thus, avoids unwanted marks, spots, and shrink. It plays a vital role in auto parts. Auto internal and external trim need exact details. These details are what bring about the sleek look and ensure its efficiency and durability. So, it needs a system that uses these exact details. And with injection mold new tech. Automotive internal and external trim get their exact details. And come out looking great.

Low-Pressure Double Layer Injection Mold Technology

This is simply called the low-pressure injection mold. It is the second type of Injection mold tech. And it works great for auto interior and exterior trim. The low-pressure injection mold is new tech. It exceeds the limits of the old tech. The old tech relied on manual coating. It relied on negative mold vacuum absorbing parts and used a direct one-off injection into the mold.

But the new tech comes with a new spring. For it, the injection pressure is a lower plastic flow on the flow. Also, you hang the cloth to the front. That is the front of the mold-hanging needle. After which you then mold.

The low-pressure injection mold has a great aesthetic. Not just for its self, but for your auto parts. It takes great detail into the design of your parts. Its auto interior and exterior trim are elegant and sleek. So, firms use it for production. Due to its special layer of soft cloth, this is usually on the surface.

This soft cloth improves the aesthetics of your item. It also improves the feel of your item and adds extra decorative style to your product. So, for auto interior and exterior parts which require great aesthetic, low-pressure injection mold does the job. Auto interior and exterior parts determine your car’s look. You have to create them with extra detail to design. With this new tech, you achieve this with ease.

No wonder then, big firms use low-pressure injection mold. It has become their tech for creating top-grade cars. To produce sleek interior parts like car seats. And exterior parts like bumpers. It is used in the auto ABC column, automap bag, skeleton, and other parts. This is the new injection mold tech for automotive.

Car Bumper Internal Parting Injection Mold Technology

There is a third new injection mold tech. This is a special one, used for bumper parts and for bumper internal parting.

The injection mold design uses an upgraded inside parting tech. This advanced inner parting surface tech is used for automobiles. Firms use it to make auto bumper products. This tech has many merits for auto parts. One is that it hides the parting clamp wire.

Also, this new tech tends to be complex and hard, with a more complex structure. That is harder than the external parting bumper. It also has a high technical risk. It comes at a higher price than external parting. It costs way more than the old tech.

But top firms still use it for auto parts. Not just for any car, but top-grade cars. This is due to its beautiful look. It also has different features than the old tech. It’s front/back die part is often separated. This is to protect the mold and the item. But this also helps to incline the top to synchronize the front die with the molding process and to ensure that you can deform and demold the product.

Thus, this new tech adds beauty to your product. But it also protects your auto parts from damage giving you top results.


In summary, injection mold is not a new process. Neither is it new to the auto industry. For many years firms have created parts via injection molding. It helps meet the high demand for auto parts. And helps maintain the style of auto parts. It also reduces costs and saves time for firms. Thus, has played a vital role in auto part production. But in recent times, there has been new dawn.

New injection mold tech has been introduced to the industry. These techs are more expensive, more flashy, and sometimes more complex to operate. But, they have found a moving market in automotive. This is due to their efficiency. New tech like SVG gives top-quality products. And these are better than that of old tech. The low-pressure injection mold gives more beauty to auto parts.

So, to maintain the beauty of auto internal and external trim, firms continue to use injection mold new tech. They might be costly. But you know what you get when ordering SVG tech. Class, beauty, strength, top quality. So, for your next auto production consider this. Check out RJC, they supply the best injection tech.