Often we get spam by top companies. This is often because we once subscribed to their website. It could also be that they just got your email. But we rarely give thought to these emails. Especially when you already know the nature of these spam ads. You just open and close. Or you mark it as read. This happens to the best of us.

So, when I got a mail from Valeo, Poland in 2017. They were asking about the possibility of supplying V50 tanks; you could guess my reaction. Firstly, this was not the first of these emails. And I remember the last one not yielding anything good. I completely disregarded it as spam. Like why would a big firm like Valeo want me? It didn’t make sense.

But the things that followed shocked me and led to working with Valeo. So, this is my story on how I got to create alloy machined molds for Valeo. Read on and find out more details.

What is Valeo

Valeo is an industry expert. A famous name in the production industry. Originally a French company headquartered in Paris. Valeo quickly spread to other countries after its creation in 2009. So, Valeo is a billion-dollar global automotive company, an auto firm that supplies many products to automakers and the market. It prides itself as a tech firm with global automakers partners globally.

So, it was their Poland branch that reached out to us for partnership. Now you know why I didn’t believe it was real. So, this Valeo is a firm that drives intuitive driving, a firm that supplies top-class auto parts.

The Project

Valeo was concerning their V50 tanks. It was a new project they had just begun. So, let us assess what the project itself entailed.

The project was to machine treat an alloy casting ALSi10Mg. It was a new project for them. This project came with very strict details. They wanted certain requirements, which had to be met. Some of these requirements were on size and airtightness.

For airtightness, all items needed to pass the airtightness test. They all needed to be tested by CMM. According to our past experiences, this process can be very difficult. It required a meeting with the research crew and development team. We had about three meetings to sort this out. And we finally created a feasible plan. We also created a new quotation. But like previously, I thought this was going to be the end of the road. So, I didn’t get my hopes up.

Second Contact

In October of the same year, we got another email from Valeo. This time we were told to anticipate their trip to China also that we were their potential supplier for this project. This was totally different from previous times. This time we had a follow-up action from Valeo, which proved to be the game-changer.

In the weeks to come, their purchasing director visited us. This visit was key to the project. After this visit, they spoke highly about our facility and processes. They even commended our technical staff. During this visit, we were able to confirm a series of technical issues. And together we proposed possible solutions. They returned back to Poland satisfied.

So, this time we weren’t disappointed. In due time, we received an official order confirmation from Valeo. This gave us so much joy.

The Job

After all the meetings and confirmation, we got the job. So, this is the process of the project itself.

During the alloy ALSi10Mg casting mold production, we faced many issues. We had power failures, sub-standard materials. We also had issues with the product airtightness and precision of the post-processing fixture. Remember, this project required specific details.

Luckily, our quality crew carefully checked all products and methods. And in due time, we fixed the issues. So, we were able to deliver samples within the arranged timeline.

Samples were sent to Valeo in Poland. The client tested and verified that it was what they wanted. They tested each aspect of the samples. It perfectly passed all required tests. Thus, they were very satisfied with the samples. This is thanks to the work of our entire team.

In about two months, we and Valeo partnered again on another project. We have since continued to cooperate on various products. The first project was the landmark. They loved the quality of our work so much that they kept coming back.

Also, we always listened to their adjustments and requirements. We also always delivered the products within the stated period. That is, we were never late on delivery. However, we did face problems. But whatever issues they were, we fix and get the job done.

So, Valeo has never sent a complaint about the quality of our work. Instead, they have always attested that our work is100%. They always commend our processes and team for a good job. This has continued for years, even as we collaborate more.

Sometime in 2018 due to Valeo’s having increased demand from their customers, we were asked to produce as quickly as possible. This action quickened the production timeline and shortened the shipping period. That is, we previously had an agreed time, but now they needed it faster and earlier.

Shipping which was meant to be 4 weeks became 2 weeks. This brings many difficulties. First, it would be hard to achieve being we already had an agreement. Second, it could lead to rush work, which could cause defects.

This problem didn’t come from us; it came from them. They failed to order the product on time. But they instead wanted till the market demand was high. But we cannot throw them under the bus. Despite where the fault comes from, they are still our customers. And we pride ours on offering the best services to customers. We want customers to re-purchase. So, we are here to solve all your production issues.

So, we simply went to work and did what we do best, product quality. Yes, this would require more work and more time. So, we worked overtime to complete the work. Not only the production team, but every department worked overtime. This was to ensure that there were enough hands to get the job done so that no department would lag behind and delay the work.

Our commitment to finishing this project was clearly evident. In the required two weeks, we were able to complete the shipment. The clients were so happy with our work. Not only did we meet their adjusted timeframe, but we didn’t reduce the quality of our work. What this did was create a lasting relationship between Valeo and us.

They kept coming back to work with us and many projects. They even recommend us to other auto companies. So after more collaboration, I and their boss became good friends. No doubt, this friendship began on the basis of the quality of our work. Our excellent performance also played a vital role.

Thus, we keep getting glowing remarks from Valeo. The last shipment was still proven to be of 100% quality. So, Valeo continues to shop with us. They also introduced us to other partners in the industry, with a glowing recommendation.

So, that is the story of how we machined alloy mold for a top firm in Europe. How we gained a recurrent client through quality service and how I got a friend by excellent performance.


In summary, these descriptions highlight the key aspects of our work. That is quality, fast delivery, commitment, and customer satisfaction. Despite the many problems faced in this project, we didn’t give up. We continued to do our best work. Our quality team is excellent. Our technology provides top service.

Every department worked overtime to get them done. This we were able to do in record time. What you initially agreed was hard to achieve, we did. But we only could do this because of our commitment to our clients.

Despite the impossible task brought by Valeo and despite their last order and hasty adjustment, we didn’t abandon them or fault them. We took on the job and found a way to achieve, which was via teamwork. So, not only are we a top supplied of machined products. But we are also a great unit with personal bounds. We work as a team to attain goals. We also receive glowing recommendations as a team, for is our success.

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