On 14th Mar 2018, I got the email forwarded by my director Frank. an inquiry from an American customer for medical plastic mold and injection molding ( syringe ), the client asked about the certificate ISO 13485 and the range of tolerances that we can control. and he wants to use the medical-grade PP material for the product. at that moment, we can know that the client’s product is about the medical area. we have replied to the questions to the client by email.

On 15th Mar, we received the 3D drawings from the client, It is an assembly drawing of a whole, 4 products assembled together, and he won’t make a family mold, we have reviewed the drawings and quoted to the client on the same day.

On 19th Mar, the client sent an email saying that he had received 7 quotations from China, and our quotation was the second most expensive. he hopes we can get some discount on the price. at the same time, he asked if we would agree to sign a contract with him. of course we can, I thought we have a chance to work with him, although we are the second most expensive.

On 20th Mar, I sent the certificates to the client that we have.

On 22th Mar, the client sent an email to negotiate the price. the final negotiation result was that the mold price was reduced by 8% and the unit price remained unchanged. then wait for the final decision from the client.

On 25th Mar, the client sent an email to communicate about the mold technology and the company name, and I also replied to him in time.

A few days later, on 1st Apr, I sent an email to follow up on the quotation and order situation. the client replied that he was revised the drawings and would update new drawings to us later.

On 6th Apr, The client sent the agreement on IP protection to us for signing.

On 8th Apr, The client sent the Contract to us for signing.

In the next few days, the client sent several emails to discuss some issues about mold manufacturing and product tolerance control. and sent the final drawings to me on April 11.

Finally, the client informed me to draft PI for him on April 15. our cooperation has started. I hope we can have a good start and have a long-term cooperation in the future.

In the process of following up on customers’ quotations, timely and effective replies and patient communication are very important. Do not give up easily.

One year past, we have finished lots of orders between both parties and got high satisfaction from the client regarding delivery timing control and good quality addressed.
So we are trying to have more and more connections in this relationship . and American clients regard Shenzhen RJC Industrial CO., LTD as the most reliable supplier on manufacturing of plastic injection mold. and injection molding.

Here are reference pictures of the case that we manufacture for American clients:

medical syringe mold design from China company