June 2016, our company received an inquiry e-mail from German clients. After that, our project engineer have immediately analyzed and evaluated the drawing provided by the customer, moreover, providing quotation in 3 hours for customer. The customer accepted our quotation and placed the order to our company for molded.

Three weeks later, the German customer received the samples we made and was very satisfied with the quality of our plastic injection molds.

Thus, inviting the customer to inspect our factory for establishing the cooperation which is beneficial to mutual understanding. Furthermore, the CEO from German company have visited our factory in the middle of September with giving a high degree of evaluation to our company team and our factory’s quality system and have promised to cooperate with our company. The order have been completed within the time required under the strict process control and quality control.

Since then, we have established a good relationship of cooperation and trust, our company continues to provide high quality and affordable plastic injection molding to our customer.