In June 2016, our company received an inquiry email from a German customer. After negotiation between the two parties, the customer sent us the drawings. The salesman sent the drawings sent by the customer to our project engineer, and our project engineer immediately analyzed and evaluated the drawings provided by the customer, and made corresponding solutions to the possible problems in the analysis and evaluation, and within 3 hours Provide customers with quotations. The customer accepted our quotation and placed an order to our company for molding.

After the customer placed the order, we negotiated with the customer again and determined the final production plan. Since our office and workshop are in the same building, the salesperson can go to the workshop to follow up on the production of the product at any time, and report the production situation to the customer every three to five days. The engineer can also solve the problems in the production in time. Countermeasures.

Three weeks later, we produced samples tailored to customer needs and sent them to German customers. After customers received the samples we made, they gave us feedback and told us that they were very satisfied with the quality of our injection molds. After receiving the customer’s reply, we started mass production. Under strict process control and quality control, we completed the order within the time required by the customer.

Because customers are very satisfied with the quality of our products, in order to establish a good cooperative relationship with customers and promote in-depth understanding of both parties, we invited customers to our factory for on-site inspections.

In mid-September, the CEO of the German company visited our company. After they visited our office environment, workshop and watched our production process, they spoke highly of our company’s team, our factory’s quality system and promised to continue to cooperate with our company. Since then, we have established a good relationship of cooperation and trust with the German customer. Our company continues to provide our customers with high-quality and reasonably priced injection molding.