EROWA fixture rapid setup, fast production, improved utilization EDM absolutely!

First, the premise:

① mold industry, competition is becoming fierce.

② production cycles become increasingly shorter.

③ mold quality improvement.

Second, the domestic situation prevailing EDM:

① design, manufacturing, electrical discharge machining electrode line dispersion process management, poor coordination, resulting in rapid transition between the various processes can not be quickly executed.

② EDM aging, backward; a small number of managers will complain about the poor performance of the machine or the machine, but there is no mining equipment, processing technology potential emergence

③ EDM ceramic standard ball without standard fixture; has been a manual calibration electrode, and cumbersome and slow!

④ electrode design is not standardized, multiple standards; wasteful electrode material; enterprise development process presents flowers state, which is a great drawback, hidden!

Low ⑤ electrode clamping efficiency; long electrode calibration time, the average 10 minutes each electrode; an electrode points in a long time, an average of five minutes each electrode; an electrode recheck a long time, an average of two minutes each electrode; use precision positioning jig after the series, you can do one minute on the fast setup, fast production.

Learn from international advanced management concepts, advanced technologies; R & D precision positioning 3R fixture series; absolutely committed to improving the utilization of EDM; reducing human factors, reasonable standard operating procedures; reducing labor costs, eliminating waste machine resources; and enhancing the quality of the mold, reduce mold production cycle, improve the competitiveness of enterprises!