Analysis of the current situation of the development of the medical mold industry
(1) industry scale analysis

China’s medical mold has developed rapidly from small to large and has become a sunrise industry with complete product categories, increasing innovation ability, and very strong market demand. Especially in recent years, the development speed of the medical equipment industry has been further accelerated, the output value of continuous years has kept two-digit growth, the quantity of product export and the content of science and technology is also increasing.

According to the statistics of the sampling survey of the medical equipment branch of China Medical Materials Association, the sales volume of medical equipment in China was about 308 billion yuan in 2015, which increased by 52 billion 400 million yuan compared with 255 billion 600 million yuan in 2014, with an average growth rate of about 20.05%. In recent years, the growth rate of the total output value of medical devices and the medical industry is faster than that of the pharmaceutical industry.

(2) industry product structure

From the product structure of the medical device market in China in the last three years, the image diagnosis equipment occupies the largest market share, which has kept up in the last few years at about 40%, and is on the rising trend, followed by all kinds of consumables, occupying about 20% of the market share; the market share of Department of orthopedics and implanted medical instruments is declining; the remaining Market The share is occupied by dental and other kinds of instruments.