On March 30, the 22nd Shenzhen International Industrial Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition (ITES China) started.

ITES China has won the honor of the Shenzhen Top 10 Brand Exhibition for 11 consecutive years, and it is also certified by UFI and BPA Worldwide. For now, it has become the most powerful advanced manufacturing technology and equipment exhibition in southern China. The show featured five theme exhibitions, including Metal Cutting Machine Tool Exhibition, Metal Forming Machine Tool Exhibition, Robotics and Automation Equipment Exhibition, Industrial Supply Exhibition, and Electronics Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition.

RJC sent business teams and operation teams to participate the ITES China. Our booth is in the Industrial Supply Exhibition zone, where introduced CNC, sheet metal, plastic molding, and surface treatment in many fields, such as aerospace, medical device, 5G communication, battery

accessories, and auto parts.

RJC Participated In The 22nd ITES Exhibition

RJC received exhibitors from all over China and had a friendly exchange of process technology and industry information. We showed our complex

capabilities by introducing our

extensive use of 5-axis CNC equipment and injection molding machines to exhibitors. We also presented the plastic and metal materials that our current production process can process and the solutions of various defects, such as flashing, distortion, burn marks, bubble-epoxy. Also, from each powerful competitor’s display of precision extensive machine tools to see the inadequacy of our equipment and technology. In addition to exhibitors, there were also a lot of interested

tourists and students. Sometimes the commentator explained so well that some people stopped to listen and applaud. It was regrettable that due to the epidemic, there were very few exhibitors from overseas. This exhibition was an opportunity for us to show the capabilities of our company and show our team to everyone, at the same time, team members can learn more professional knowledge.

RJC has always been committed to the rapid manufacturing of plastic and metal components, which means we can serve many industries. RJC can provide rapid prototyping, CNC milling, CNC turning, a wide range of materials, and surface treatment services. It includes injection molds to a wide range of industries, including aerospace, medical and automotive. We will continue to work hard.

RJC, rapid manufactures what you need.