Injection molding process

Injection molding is a manufacturing process widely used in the medical industry. It can be used in medical equipment, components, laboratories, and facilities. The plastic injection molding process can be applied to mass production of almost any parts that need to be durable and easy to sterilize and can meet the specifications and regulations of the medical industry.

Advantages of the injection molding process

  • Cost-effectiveness

When batches of medical components and equipment are required, plastic injection molding is the most cost-effective choice. Especially in mass production, the nature of injection molding makes it one of the more cost-effective manufacturing processes.

  • Guaranteed accuracy

Tolerance plays a vital role in the manufacture of medical equipment, and the gap between millimeters or micrometers directly affects the performance of components. Skilled plastic injection molding process and perfect equipment can produce high-precision parts, and the differences between parts can be ignored.

Applications of injection molding

  • Implant components
  • Beakers, test tubes, and other containers
  • Outer casing for medical and laboratory equipment
  • Drug transport equipment and components
  • Orthopedics

Case study

In August 2020, we received an inquiry from California that a medical product company needs custom manufacturing to bring the design into products for Covid-19 testing.

As an ISO13485 certified manufacturer, RJC is trustworthy. After several rounds of communication with the customer on the project, we analyzed the feasibility of manufacturing, and with the joint efforts of both parties, we determined the manufacturing of the mold.

In September 2020, we successfully took the first batch of samples out of the mold and tried them in a cleanroom. Through 30 days of non-stop work, we did it.

At the end of September 2020, we received feedback from customers on sample quality approval and passed the machine test for cleanliness and geometric overview. This is undoubtedly good news for bringing products into laboratories, hospitals, and other institutions. Therefore, we started mass production in October 20210. The first batch of goods has 2 million sets of products, and the packaging is intact.

Even though it was our first cooperation, customers were very satisfied with our products and had high praise for the service that we could take immediate action to solve the problems we encountered in the manufacturing process.

What we can do

We can use the injection molding process to produce large quantities of products in a short time to meet the huge demand for plastic parts molding, 2k molding, and plastic injection molding. If you have a need in this regard, contact us, RJC can easily achieve and meet your needs immediately.