At August 2020, we got a inquiry from California, a Medical product company need a custom manufacturing for bring design into solid product reality which used for Covid-19 testing.

to be a ISO13485 certified manufacturer, RJC was a primary selection and start to work on the projects with multiple rounds of communication to settle those issues of manufacturing feasibility. and bring status to tooling manufacturing rapidly with the effort of mutual parties.

at Sep 2020, we RJC successfully brought the first batch samples out of tooling with trying in clean room. through 30 days working day and night without stop since we fully understood that clients need these products to implement US local people Corona virus inspection. we made it.

by the end of Sep. we got feedback from client on sample approvals on quality and passed on those machine tests on cleanness and geometric overview. which means a great news on bring these products into labs, hospitals, nonprofit agencies. we are now start to launch mass production on Oct 2020.

the first batch would be 2 million sets of products with all packing well , and we set this case as top priority and still we have additional large capacity to go for other projects.

we got very highly satisfaction from client even this is the-first-time cooperation about how fast we can act and how much better support we can deliver to those emergency.

The Importance of Injection Molding for medical products 

we can start to produce this large quantity for meeting huge demand within short time for plastic parts, molding, 2K molding, plastic injection molding. only can be done by injection molding process. the is clearly stated that the importance of this process can easy have achieved and meet your demand in no time with our RJC work.