Prototyping is no doubt, an essential part of product development and manufacturing in almost every industry. For the medical device development industry, this could not be more accurate. There are many industry-specific reasons for using prototypes before beginning production of the end product. In this post, let’s follow RJC Mold’s look at some specific reasons why prototypes are so important in the medical device development process.

medical device molds

Refining the design

Moreso than many other products or tools, medical devices need to be precise and developed with the highest attention to detail. After the prototype is produced, there is almost always room for improvement – without the prototype more time and effort would be wasted by producing an imperfect final product. The prototype can be taken around and shown to professionals in the medical field who would be using the product which is invaluable feedback.

Need for testing

Prototypes of medical devices are usually given to researchers who can pinpoint any potential problems with the design and manufacturing. This helps prevent lawsuits and recalls while ensuring patients are treated with the best quality care possible.

Need for funding

If outside funding is needed, prototyping is almost always required. When a person is investing in you, they want to make sure all safeguards are in place to ensure a successful launch and further distribution of the medical device. Without prototypes, it would be close to impossible to raise the funds necessary for the production of the medical device.

At RJC, we have almost 20 years of experience in medical device component manufacturing under our belt. We have found our success and customer loyalty come from our financially sound structure, commitment to excellent customer service, and our unwavering dedication to producing the highest quality and most innovative medical devices available.