RJC has been dedicated to medical component manufacturing since 2016, after getting ISO 13485. RJC has upgraded significant improvement in processes control of component MFG for medical device and disposable category. The MD&M is one of the typical shows for medical design and manufacturing advanced fields. RJC attends every single time and establishes a long-term contract with the sponsor. To be one of the VIP members, RJC takes advance of these platforms to show capability and capacity. To support bringing medical design into reality by rapid manufacturing what they need; this is our mission, our value, and this is what defines us as one of the leading global custom manufacturers.

2019 NY MD&M East Exhibition 2019 NY MD&M East Exhibition2019 NY MD&M East Exhibition 2019 NY MD&M East Exhibition2019 NY MD&M East Exhibition2019 NY MD&M East Exhibition