RJC has confirmed contract with US Agent for exhibiting on Medical manufacturing show , which allow us to have direct contact to the potential prospects and support their growth and development.

RJC could provide rapid manufacturing on multiple kinds of component with processes of  plastic injection molding , metal die-casting , rapid protoryping and CNC machining . low volume and high volume are both welcome. we have been serving international markets for many years , which enables us to serve your demand and meet 100% expectation, we know what you need , we know what is the best for you and we know what your market expectation.

RJC has gained ISO 13485 and FDA for specific products for 4 years and this could help us for process control and quality system control specificly for medical category. we can meet on show and talk to each other and explain to most of the potential prospects how we can serve them , what we can offer and why needs us .