What is CNC machining?

CNC machining is an advanced processing technology in today’s mechanical manufacturing. It inputs the numerical control program of the workpiece to be processed to the machine tool, and the machine tool automatically processes the workpiece that meets people’s wishes under the control of these data. CNC machining can effectively solve the complex, precise, small-batch, and changeable machining problems like molds, and fully meet the needs of modern production.

Steps of CNC machining parts

  • Analyze the part drawing and understand the general situation of the workpiece Determine the CNC machining process of the part
  • Perform necessary numerical calculations
  • Write a program list
  • Program verification
  • Process the workpiece
  • Workpiece acceptance and quality error analysis

Why do you need high-precision CNC machining?

CNC machining is widely used in the processing and manufacturing of various industries, and it has a vital influence on the development of aerospace, automotive, and medical industries.

High-precision and high-efficiency CNC machining has become the development direction of the CNC machining industry. The accuracy requirements of CNC machine tools are now not limited to static geometric accuracy. The motion accuracy, thermal deformation, and vibration monitoring, and compensation of machine tools are getting more and more attention.

How to achieve high-precision CNC machining

  • Improve CNC system control accuracy: High-speed interpolation technology is used to realize continuous feed with tiny program segments so that the CNC control unit is refined, and the high-resolution position detection device is used to improve the position detection accuracy. The position servo system adopts feedforward control and Non-linear control and other methods
  • Adopt error compensation technology: adopt backlash compensation, screw pitch error compensation, and tool error compensation technology to comprehensively compensate the thermal deformation error and space error of the equipment.
  • Use a grid decoder to check and improve the accuracy of the machining center’s motion trajectory: predict the machining accuracy of the machine tool through simulation to ensure the positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy of the machine tool, so that its performance is stable for a long time, and it can complete a variety of processing under different operating conditions Task, and to ensure the quality of parts processing.

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