With the increasing number of COVID-19 infections globally. Which causes pandemic for most countries around the world. Epidemic prevention materials and key medical devices become very urgent needs for dealing with this issue, in the meanwhile, a huge number of patients are suffering in the hospital where require a batch of the medical device on relieving people from pain and death risk of life. to be a custom manufacturer as RJC from China. We took rapid actions without any doubt to keep standing on the front of the industries to take what we have to –rapid custom manufacturing, rapid custom components production

RJC followed instructions of the local government to restore 50 %production from mid-end of Feb 2020, and we took full precautions to handle and make sure employee’s safety which always comes first, and the top of the top priority . after one week of hard-working and dealing with the measure of safety around every single corner and continuous operation. We can reach 90% of the capacity and capability onto those urgent cases of medical devices, such as:

  • plastic injection molding components
  • CNC metal machining components
  • Rapid prototypes
  • Die-casting components

These cases we really hard worked on are for some leading medical device company who are in urgent need of producing their patented products for supporting local medical demand, saving people out there who has got infected and got isolated in hospital suffering from the shortage of medical devices, such as ventilators; Masks and other intubation equipment.

So our teamwork day and night to keep very close communication and calls to follow those needs and remain factory workshop to run 24 hours and 7 days a week, not for others, but to take those components out from the tooling and the state-of-the-art machining equipment to save people.

This is what we do, this is who we are. do the very best as we could to serve, to pray, and deliver our love and wish, and make the world a better place by rapid manufacturing what you need.