At RJC, we work with many different companies across a wide range of industries. At RJC, we take a different approach, first understanding the customer’s requirements for the end product and then working to create the plastic molding process to achieve the desired end product.

This allows us to produce parts through a molding process tailored to the customer’s needs. This saves our customers money, speeds up production, and produces quality parts.

  • Ability to meet deadlines

As an experienced mold manufacturer, RJC is committed to meeting all production deadlines required by our customers. We work very carefully to ensure that we are always able to provide our customers with accurate information about production capacity and volumes to meet deadlines.

At RJC, we do everything in-house. This enables us to provide comprehensive quality control and production in accordance with our strict standards. We also offer in-house design and engineering as well as assembly services, which enables us to offer our customers a wider range of services, reduce their costs and limit the logistical challenges of working with multiple companies

  • Quality control and assurance

At MDI, we have appropriate quality control to meet all requirements for injection molding and medical device assembly. Since this is an extremely rigorous criterion, it is critical to choose a company with extensive experience and the ability to fulfill your order.

Material Suggestions

Our engineers who understand the requirements of medical injection molding can often help reduce production costs. This can be done by suggesting a different polymer option – alternative thermoplastics, for example – to provide higher quality and meet stricter standards without increasing costs.

In addition, our experienced team can spot simple changes in component design. Changing the thickness of the walls, or making small design changes at the concept stage, can help significantly reduce the cost of producing each component while enhancing the overall design.

  • Our services

While our plastic injection molding services are at the forefront of the processes we provide to our customers, we also offer other cutting-edge services. To give you an idea of the services we offer, here is a quick overview:

Injection molding – we are capable of handling large and small orders. Our experience and understanding of the process, as well as our ability to work with our clients’ design teams from the concept stage, helps save our clients time, frustration and money.

It is one thing to be able to create computer drawings of specific parts or components; it is another to be able to produce parts to the exacting specifications required for medical devices.

This is very different from making other types of molded plastic parts. Accuracy, documentation, and even the right choice of raw material supplier are all key factors in getting a design approved and into a marketable product.

At RJC, we provide medical injection molding services to companies large and small. Our experience working exclusively with the medical device industry enables us to work in accordance with all FDA requirements and standards, ensuring total quality control of ISO 13485 standards as well as our own stringent quality control standards.

Any company will find some additional benefits when working with our team on any medical injection molding project. To help you see how we can help you move your ideas from drawing to production, here are some of the basic features we offer.

  • Design review

While injection molding offers a wider choice of shapes, configurations and design elements, it is not always the best approach. Our team evaluates these issues and can discuss alternative production methods. We can also recommend design changes so that parts can be molded without affecting performance, life cycle, size, or other essential characteristics.

  • Complex parts

A big difference in medical injection molding is the complexity of the parts. Molding companies with limited experience underestimate the experience required to manufacture these molds and construct injection molding processes to perfectly comply with the required tolerances.

With our expertise and experience, we can handle complex parts that no other injection molding company can manufacture. In addition, we can meet your deadlines, which are always critical in the medical device industry.

To discuss your next order or to discuss our custom plastic molding services, please send email  [email protected] to talk to one of our team members.