RJC America Has Come To

RJC today established a new official office at 3731 W Warner Ave Santa Ana, CA 92704.
RJC can serve American customers more conveniently. With the establishment of the US office, RJC will also formulate corresponding short-term strategies and plans.
RJC’s vision has always been to become a pioneer in the custom processing industry. To achieve this goal, RJC must continue to improve in terms of market recognition, talent introduction, scale expansion, and manufacturing capacity operations.

Our target market will continue to be positioned in the European and North American markets. Despite the existence of the epidemic, we still will not miss important exhibitions and will increase advertising and operational expansion.
In order to achieve this goal, we need to expand our engineering team, and we will have 50 new members joining and will continue to purchase 45 CNC machines and 20 injection molding machines. The processing service industrial park will also be expanded from 107,000 square feet to four times its current size.
The establishment of the US office is an important milestone and the first step in our five-year expansion plan. Our next goal is to establish an official office in Germany.
RJC will continue to make progress in this rapidly changing city, and continue to commit to sustainable improvement to gain more expertise. Whether choosing OEM, ODM services, or seeking help in engineering applications, customers can discuss purchasing needs or any new ideas for products with the RJC service center. RJC looks forward to establishing cooperative relations with customers and providing satisfactory products. Contact RJC and seek a better future with us.
RJC, rapid manufacture what you need.