A total of 9.214 billion NAT have been conducted in China since the outbreak of COVID-19, according to the National Health Commission (NHC), reported People’s Daily Overseas. By the end of March this year, China had 12,500 medical and health institutions conducting nucleic acid testing, with a total nucleic acid testing capacity of over 48.85 million tubes per day.If the 10-in-1 or 20-in-1 detection is carried out, 490 million or 980 million people can be detected in a single day.

Deep hole plates are mainly molded by injection molding of medical-grade polypropylene In the process of NAT , the deep-hole plate is one of the main consumables.

Deep hole plate can be used for sample storage, sample processing, automatic equipment operation, etc., suitable for nucleic acid extraction and purification, sample extraction, protein precipitation, high throughput automatic liquid operation, etc.

◆ Medical grade polypropylene material, in accordance with USP-Class VI standard;

◆ Stable chemical properties, resistance to chemical corrosion, alcohol and other mild organic solvents

◆ High temperature and high pressure sterilization;

◆ In line with international SBS automation standards, compatible with international standard DNA equipment

◆ Applicable temperature -80℃ to 120℃;

◆ No RNA/DNA enzyme pollution, no heat source pollution, no heavy metals.

Deep hole plate

The consumables were previously used for DNA detection, high-throughput reaction, storage and transfer of samples, antibody titer detection, etc. Its main functions include:

  • Storage of samples

It can replace the conventional 1.5ml centrifuge tube for storing samples, and it is also called a storage plate because it can be stored neatly, save space and store large amounts of samples. It can withstand a -80℃ refrigerator.

  • Deal with the sample

It can combine the discharge gun, high-throughput automatic liquid handling equipment and software to realize high-throughput operations on biological samples, such as protein precipitation, liquid extraction, nucleic acid extraction, etc., greatly improving the efficiency of sample processing.

  • Sample operation

Generally used in various automatic equipment, can be directly placed in the automatic equipment sample bin, compared with the traditional sample, not only can double the number of samples placed in the sample bin, but also realized the sample in the 96-well plate after processing directly into the sample, eliminating the back and forth sample, sample placement, cover, and other tedious work.

At present, deep hole plate according to the number of holes can be divided into 96 holes, 384 holes, mainly using medical grade polypropylene PP injection molding, and self-adhesive seal, silicone seal, heat sealing film seal as sealing materials. Hole plate according to 12×8 arrangement, according to SBS standard production, stackable, easy to store.

RJC Industrial facilitates high precision and efficient production

Deep hole plate because of the need to carry liquid, it has higher requirements for the flatness of the upper surface, need to reach 0.2 flatness, in order to prevent leakage. Its cone bottom has transparency requirements, and its bottom wall thickness tolerance needs to meet the requirements of +/-0.1mm, not too thin and not too thick, too thin will leak. The surface of the whole product can not have flow marks, bubbles and other quality defects.

Due to the difficulty of product molding, the molding cycle of different processors is not the same, such as the need for 45 seconds of one hole molding cycle, and some use two-hole mold molding cycle can be shortened to 30 seconds. It is recommended to use electric injection molding machine for the production of deep hole plate, which is mainly due to the high precision of motor injection, temperature and pressure are closed-loop control, which is of great help to ensure the accuracy and consistency of products.

At present, the molding cycle of RJCINSUSTRIAL can reach 30 seconds at the fastest, and the daily output of a single machine can reach 5500 units

What are the characteristics of the 96-well plate?

The application of 96 well plates is very common in some laboratories and hospitals, etc., so what are the characteristics of 96 well plates? The details are as follows:

  • the design is labor-saving, lightweight, customers can easily install and disassemble the equipment.
  • The 96-well plate adopts fast pressure relief design, and is more convenient to replace.
  • unique intubation mode, can understand vacuum tube and centrifugal tube, when picking up and inserting will not cause glass tube rupture.
  • special treatment greatly reduces the time to take, in the hospital and other occasions can effectively improve work efficiency.
  • 96-well plate mini square fuselage for easy storage.
  • In the treatment and purification steps, the device can reduce the sample processing time (approx. 25 minutes) for up to 24 microcentrifuge tubes, 8 microcentrifuge tubes or a small amount of microcentrifuge tubes, and even for 96-well plates. Unlike traditional centrifugation, the device can process samples quickly and with high quality.
  • not only can improve the required pressure resistance, but also longer service life than the general market of PC or acrylic material design, the user’s operation is safer and more reliable.

RJC specialized in the injection molding industry for more than 20 years, specializing in understanding product structure, improving customer sense of use, and focusing on making precise products.

  • Most of what we hear about is nucleic acid testing, but what is antigen testing? Do you know the difference between antigen test and nucleic acid test?

The object of antigen detection is the surface protein of virus, which is easy to operate and short time. Nucleic acid testing is a process that takes a long time to detect the genetic material inside the virus. Residents can test their nucleic acids at home using the Novel Coronavirus antigen test kit, which facilitates virus screening, early detection and early treatment and reduces transmission of the virus. Many manufacturers of antigen detection reagents will encounter the situation of unclear laser marking, warping bayonet fracture of the shell, good liquidity, easy processing, good appearance of the produced reagents, excellent physical properties, stable electrostatic adsorption capacity, and price advantages. RJC’s antigen detection reagents can not only solve the problems, but also improve the rate of finished products and reduce the overall cost. RJC focus on plastic injection molding since2002,have 1000+production erea,which is a supplier you can choose.