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Secret ingredient found in MD&M West 2022 to help medical device companies get to market faster. Our service, experience and expertise give you a competitive advantage in manufacturing. Visit Booth 3329 to learn how startups and established companies are leveraging advanced plastic injection molding and additive manufacturing to enhance products and increase profits.

Just to make you stop, you’ll receive free LED goodies, MD&M West 2022 brings together medical technology engineers, business leaders, cutting-edge companies, and innovative thinkers to create powerful solutions and life-changing medical devices.

About MD&M West 2022

From 3D printing and biomaterials to robotics and digital health, MD&M West is the largest medical technology fair for suppliers and buyers to discover innovations, design new technologies and manufacture life-changing medical devices. MD&M West is free to attend.

More about MD&M West:

“The whole world of medical devices is changing,” Westfall Technik CEO Mark Gomulka told MD+DI. “Due to changing reimbursement and insurance factors, expanding access to healthcare in emerging markets, a rapidly aging global population, and the emergence of digital health solutions, everyone wants to own connected devices in some way. Patients want to be treated at home. We’re seeing more and more action in wearable drug delivery devices — everything from insulin pumps to insulin monitors to auto-injectors for immunotherapy.”

While these changes are exciting, the medical technology industry also faces challenges related to product demand, supply shortages, and increased costs.

“COVID-19 is still on everyone’s mind as the epidemic continues to affect our industry in many different ways,” shared Al Carolonza, Director of market research and strategy at MICRO. “It has forced many hospitals and medical facilities to reduce or in some cases completely suspend all elective procedures until the vaccine is widely available. They may be reluctant to hold on to product inventory because there is less demand for disposable instruments and other surgical equipment due to fewer procedures being performed.”

Don Bonitati, Director of Global Healthcare Marketing at Minnesota Rubber & Plastics (MRP), adds, “The global impact on logistics has touched every industry, with manufacturing being one of the hardest hit.

Gomulka explained that medical equipment Oems also need more manufacturing capacity. RJC is equally committed to solving product appearance manufacturing problems for its customers, and has been expanding its capabilities and facilities to provide OEM services to customers and support the incredible innovation that is taking place in medical technology.

Material supply problem

The medical technology industry is feeling some of the pain in its supply chain. In addition, some suppliers are raising prices for materials in high demand, and contractors may face resistance in passing on these costs to customers, another shift and challenge facing our industry. Contractors and their customers need to be aware of these factors that can affect delivery and profitability.” RJC provides customers with high value prices for their raw materials. RJC provides VIP services to customers without any material supply concerns

With our customers, suppliers and each other. We continue to invest in and optimize ERP tools and systems.

Planning ahead is key. RJC has been actively working with customers to secure the materials they need by looking ahead and helping to project their needs into the first and second quarters of 2022.

“Looking for small material batches in a short period of time and simplifying the validation of new material adoption. Through our product adoption process and using scientific molding principles, we have been able to procure new materials and simplify acceptance through a rigorous customer approval and testing process. To do this, RJC identifies key knowledge in the field through regulations and tools and takes this knowledge into account in material selection. In addition, by selecting materials with similar shrinkage and strength distributions, we can use existing tools and keep parts flowing. Similar to sterilization adoption, our production adoption process allows us to run a small 4-hour PQ and provide alternative materials without the need for a lengthy and costly full revalidation process. This shortens lead times, reduces risk, and keeps parts in the hands of our customers so they can support the healthcare industry.”

The price

Due to extreme excess demand/supply shortages, supply chain material constraints lead to long lead times and significant price increases for raw material suppliers. RJC has specialized in mold and CNC for 20 years. It currently has more than 100 machines. There is long-term cooperation of raw material suppliers. The price is absolutely preferential.

RJC has a professional engineer team of more than 20 people, to meet customers late OEM product development, component manufacturing and assembly of the full service.

One stop service

Likewise, RJC’s capabilities in component and final device assembly can provide customers with integration solutions. Such as cnc machining ,plastic injection molding ,die casting ,metal sheet, vacuum forming , 3d printing and so on .We know that most of the components we produce are later assembled with other components. RJC has the ability to do this work at the plant, helping customers reduce costs and the number of suppliers they work with. ”

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April 12 – 14, 2022


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