Nowadays, medical treatment is an indispensable industry in the world, and syringes are the most common type of medical equipment. Nowadays, the global new crown pneumonia epidemic and the continuous mutation are raging. Medical equipment appears to be particularly important as a rapid manufacturing component. One of the leading manufacturers, RJC is committed to supporting all cases of medical components and medical equipment and plays an important role in coronavirus defense. We have been engaged in the production of medical products for many years and have passed ISO13485 certification. To meet the urgent needs brought by the global new crown pneumonia epidemic.

Syringe molding process

  1. Mold making

Mold refers to a tool that makes a blank into a part with a specific shape and size under the action of external force. Mold production process:

1)ESI(Earlier Supplier Involvement): This stage is mainly for technical discussions on product design and mold development between customers and suppliers. The main purpose is to allow suppliers to clearly understand the design intent and accuracy requirements of the product designer and to allow the product designer better understand the ability of mold production and the process performance of the product, so as to make a more reasonable design.

2)Quotation: Including the price of the mold, the life of the mold, the turnover process, the required tonnage of the machine, and the delivery date of the mold. (A more detailed quotation should include product size and weight, mold size and weight, and other information.)

3)Purchase Order: Issuance of customer orders, deposits, and acceptance of supplier orders.

4)Production Planning and Schedule Arrangement: At this stage, it is necessary to respond to the customer on the specific date of delivery of the mold.

5)Design: The design software that may be used is Pro/Engineer, UG, Solidworks, AutoCAD, etc.

6)Purchase materials

7)Machining: The processes involved generally include turning, milling, heat treatment, grinding, CNC、EDM、WEDM、JIG GRINGING、Laser marking, polishing, etc.


9)Trial Run


11)SER Approval

  1. Grid selects raw materials according to the standard:

We often say that syringes are plastic medical supplies, mainly referring to disposable medical supplies. Plastics used as medical supplies should mainly meet the following properties:

(1) Non-toxic, easy to sterilize, easy to store;

(2) Lightweight and not easily broken;

(3) Good mechanical strength.

PVC is one of the typical materials we use to produce disposable medical devices. This material has the advantages of excellent comprehensive physical and mechanical properties, low price, and simple production process. We also support any other materials you need such as PP\PE\PS\PC and so on.

  1. Direct molding in the injection molding process

RJC has a complete set of advanced injection molding equipment and nearly 20 years of injection molding experience. In addition, we have project managers who are proficient in professional technology, our jack is one of them. He has more than 20 years of experience in the production of molds and injection molding, which can ensure that the probability of a large number of problems in the injection molding process is reduced, and problems can be found and solved in time. Let your products be delivered on time and with quality.

During the production process, if you have any questions, you can give us feedback. We always take your needs as the first goal and quickly produce the products you want.