One day in March 2016, I received an inquiry from a customer in Slovakia who asked to submit a hardware stamping die. I immediately analyzed and evaluated the inquiry information, and it only took 4 hours from receiving the customer’s email message to completing the quotation. The customer was glad and grateful for my timely reply. After that, we contacted this customer every three days and asked for their opinions. They thought they could accept my price and signed our NDA document.

Then for the next year, the customer kept asking us for more information but did not sign a contract with us. This year, I had to deal with other quotations every day. Although there were no orders closed, there were only a few small sample orders. But I didn’t give up on this customer and then updated the price every few days.

Finally in 2017 the beginning of March, that is from a year later, get inquiry this lovely email client told me that he has a quote for before in a project, the main is our price is too high, and he asked us if must not reduce, on the basis of quality, gave competitors cannot reach the target price. My technical manager helped me analyze the plan and thought that the price was feasible, and guaranteed the product quality and certain commercial profits.

Then I emailed the customer: we agreed to the price and asked them to visit our factory and provide a series of materials. In the middle of march, I received a visit from the CEO of the client company. They were very satisfied with the quality system of our factory and the team of the company. They promised to cooperate with our company before returning to their country.

After the contract was signed, our colleagues in the planning department were very enthusiastic. They strictly controlled every link in the sample production process, from procedures to quality, and finally completed the sample within the time required by the customer. The customer is very satisfied after receiving the sample. There is a small episode here. During the production, the delivery truck of our raw material supplier broke down and needed to be repaired for 3 days. If we wait, we will definitely not complete the sample within the time specified by the customer. It can be said that the completion of this order is very tight.

Two months later, the molds are shipped and airlifted to the customer’s factory. After the trial production, the customer was very satisfied with the quality of our products and praised me as a kind person, our company is a professional company.

That’s it. I have a good relationship with this client. This customer is actually just an ordinary customer among thousands of our customers. I would like to say that my company will not give up any potential customers and continuously provide high-quality mold and sheet metal products. Now we have expanded our business with this client company and have good cooperation with their subsidiary in Southeast Asia.