In March 2016, I received an email from KimSon company from Vietnam market, requesting us to quote prices for three hardware products of their company, among which the material is SUS04, and the process includes blanking, bending, polishing, welding and repolishing. The difficulty lies in the appearance of the product should not have any defects.

After my first offer, the customer said our unit price was 20% higher than that of our competitors. At this time, I wanted to give up, because in terms of the whole process cost, my profit was only 8% and I did not deliberately exaggerate the quotation; At this time, I heard that he also got the quotation from our competitor company B. Although the reply he got was less professional than mine, while the price was lower than that of our company. He wants to choose company B for cooperation. This payment request is complicated, but I did not give it up. I explained the production process and difficulties to the customer, and the customer recognized and praised my professionalism.

In this way, after three months of intermittent communication, Kimson directly contacted me on Skype and said that he would cooperate with me, and he would sign the contract according to the price we had agreed on before. Later I learned that this customer got the product from company B, but the quality was so bad that it could not achieve the desired effect. He was very disappointed, felt that their time and money had been wasted and asked our company to sign a new contract with him. Four weeks later, we submitted 20 samples of each of the three products according to the customer’s process. The customer was very satisfied after receiving the samples and asked to directly enter the production stage.

During the production of samples, I found that our finished products were very easy to produce scratches. I informed the customer of this information and asked whether the customer could change the process, that is, add an environmentally friendly chromium plating process after the finished products, which not only prevented scratches but also increased the brightness of the products. After the test, the customer found that there was indeed this problem, and agreed to change it and was required to resubmit the sample according to the new process. Two weeks later, the customer who received the sample was very satisfied with it and informed the mass production of the order according to the new process.

I’m very impressed with this order. I believe that as a manufacturer, quality is the foundation of everything. Until today the project continues and our products continue to be produced. We will continue to provide excellent products to Kimson.