Top Benefits of Plastic Injection Molding!

One of the services we offer at RJC is injection molding. We have all equipment and expertise required to create quality tools from materials manufactured through CNC machining services. We use plastic injection molding to produce products on a large scale.

Our products will surpass your expectation since we use verification of raw materials and quality assurance.

What Is Injection Plastic Molding

While dealing with various products, you heard of plastic injection molding and wondered what it meant. Well, here is something to make you understand.

Plastic injection molding is the process of creating parts by injecting molten material into a mold. Materials that can undergo injection molding include confections, metals, glass, thermosetting polymers, and thermoplastics.

How Does Plastic Injection Molding Work

It is the most ordinary way companies produce plastic products in mass in finished plastic for industrial or commercial use.

Resin melted under high temperature and injected into a shape forming cavity, later cooled rapidly to form the engraved shape. Production depends on the size, complexity, and density, and it may take seconds or minutes.

Reasons You Should Use Plastic Injection Molding

Many original equipment manufacturers in various industries can testify to the importance of using plastic injection molding. It is the best method for producing high-quality complex plastic parts consistently in an affordable way.

You will experience the benefits explained below if you decide to use plastic injection molding.

Top Benefits of Plastic Injection Molding!


You will experience efficiency if you choose RJC as your molding partner. Our teams have experts to determine how to optimize the design and manufacturing.

We implement practices such as focusing upfront on the design and minimizing the problems which may come later. The process also combines value-added services in production to reduce cost and time issues.

Enhancement Of Strength

Over the years, plastic durability and strength have increased. The current plastic can withstand most of the harshest weather elements and may even be better than some metal items.

There is a wide range of options to choose from to construct an injection molded part. You can use fillers in the injection molds to reduce the plastic density and increase the part’s strength.

Some manufacturing industries require strong and heavy components, which is not easy to construct using other processing techniques.

Complex Geometry And Detailed Features

The technology used to create the injection molds involves subjecting them to high pressure. High pressure is necessary to allow for redesigning the object to the desired shape and size.

Once the part is in the state, you can achieve complex geometry features, enabling you to add details even to minute places. Most machines use the interlocking mechanism to bind objects; therefore, minimal elements are essential for security purposes.

Top Benefits of Plastic Injection Molding!Use Of More Than One Plastic At The Same Time

The most significant advantage of using plastic injection molding is that you could use various types of plastic in the manufacturing process.

Complex designs may require different material components to give them a natural consistency. It might sound simple to combine plastic, but it is challenging and requires safety precautions in an absolute sense. At RJC, our experts ensure compatibility in all stages to mitigate any claims that might arise.


We save a lot of money in many ways when using injection molding through over-molding and consolidation of plastics. A large part of the plastic injection process is completed by machines, thus saving our company a lot of money.

Focus on the design process like the design for manufacturability lowers problems experienced in moldability. Therefore, reducing the need to replace costly tool changes and other delays related to production.

Top Benefits of Plastic Injection Molding!Variety Of Finishes

Parts produced from a plastic injection mold have a smooth finish and look similar to the end product. Unfortunately, some processes do not require a smooth finish for the parts as it could cause problems.

Chemical processes used in manufacturing a part determine how the outlook will be most appropriate for their operations. The finishes can range from engravings, unique texts, matte finishes, and so much more.

Multiple Color Control

Injection molders can produce any color you need by arranging plastics, biocompatibility, and additives to get the color you desire. Sometimes many colors are required in the same product.

The only way to achieve the multi-colors is by over-molding an injection molder made for multilateral injection functions.


A large percentage of the injection process is controlled by machines reducing human contact. Automation of the process has allowed for precision in the production process, lowering mistakes or rejected products.

Designs achieved by injection molders are at a precision point of +/-.001 inches,  replicated over equipment and production runs.

Reduction In Production Time

Products are produced within a shorter timeline when you use different set skills in the process. The production conditions above ensure the product is free of defects and the cycle is faster. It is an added advantage since marketing is quicker and competitive.

Top Benefits of Plastic Injection Molding!Reduced Waste

You can recycle, and the plastic injection process permits the usage of old plastic. At RJC, we are proud to say that we are part of the green belt movement.

We ensure that we recycle plastic any chance we get. Plastic is non-biodegradable, and therefore the recycling is the only way to care for our environment.

There is little to no waste in the manufacturing process since the molds have a high tolerance.


Injection molding allows for the manufacturers to be flexible in design and color. It is easier to achieve anything you want from design, color, and shape. Compared to metal which does not have flexibility in many areas, you can use plastic in any way to get the minute details. It is the reason why injection molders are here to stay.

Light In Weight

Plastic parts in metal equipment help reduce the overall weight of the product. Industries are turning into plastic usage due to its lightweight properties.

Soon I foresee a situation where plastics lightweight and high strength will replace metal components with less or the same dependability and strength.

The Reason Why You Should Always Work With An Experienced Plastic Injection Molder

To fully reap the benefits of injection molding equipment, you need to find an experienced one. Experienced plastic injecting molders know how to overcome and fully maximize efficiency in the manufacturing process regardless of the design.

Top Benefits of Plastic Injection Molding!Even when you have the best equipment in the market, you might not get far enough if you lack an experienced team of engineers. Thus you need a strong group of engineers molders that will put you in a competitive position. You can manufacture quicker, giving you more time for marketing and being competitive.

Products made through injection molding require minimal finishing work after manufacture. A good reason is that the products have a finished outward appearance when they come out of the molds.

Plastic is turning into an environmentally friendly material. Most companies prefer to recycle and minimize any waste from the manufacturing point. The plastic is reground and then reused in specific processes.

Just like any other technique, plastic injection molding has disadvantages. It is essential to know the downside and avoid making the same mistakes when using plastic injection molding.

It has high upfront costs because of testing, tooling, and design process. It is essential to have the right design first, mainly when you are producing in large quantities. The design part can be more complicated than you think. To get the right strategy, you have to try even more than twice.

Most tools comprise of aluminum and steel. Therefore, if you need to add plastic to equipment, you must cut a more extensive cavity to accommodate the part. However, when taking away plastic, you have to reduce the cavity by adding more metal material. It can be tiring and challenging to go through the process.

3D production may be affordable at the begging of a project, but the quality and strength of the final product are incomparable. Injection molding produces more robust and durable products, unlike the one created through 3D printing.

Some items manufactured through injection molding include Legos, hot glue gun parts. Using plastic is more effective depending on the use. People create plastic products for easy mobility. Therefore it is not wise to have them heavy. Legos are an example of kids’ portable games. You cannot use metal to manufacture legos since it could be a health hazard for the kids.

You will need to ask yourself a few questions before you decide to produce with plastic injection moldings.

  • Are there in-house engineers experienced in inject moldering?
  • Do they have quality assurance programs for testing out their products?
  • Can they handle the complexities of design and quantities?
  • Many manufacturing companies deal with plastic injection molding, but only a few give quality products within set timelines.
Final Thoughts

RJC is the best company When it comes to outsourcing your plastic parts. We specialize in plastic injection molding, which is commonly used. However, you will specifically get what you need when you choose to source with us. Our team of engineers will work 24/7 to create your products customized and of high quality.

Top Benefits of Plastic Injection Molding!