Polyamide 6, commonly known as PA6, is a versatile and widely used engineering thermoplastic in the injection molding industry. In order to successfully implement PA6 plastic injection molding, you should consider the following tips:

1、Material selection:

No matter what products you produced, select a high quality PA6 resin suitable for your specific application and desired mechanical properties. So consider whether raw or recycled materials are more appropriate for your projects.


PA6 is easy to get wet, also we say hygroscopic as well, so it absorbs water from the environment. Ensure that the resin is properly dried to prevent defects such as bubbles, spatter, or poor surface finish.

3、Mold design:

Mold design which is very very important, which can affect the final products, design dies with appropriate draw angles, parting lines and cooling channels for efficient production and part ejection.Consider gate designs that are evenly filled, such as fan gates or tunnel gates, and minimize gate marks on the final product.

4、Mold temperature:

In injection molding, PA6 – the mold temperature is important, maintain a consistent mold temperature, usually in the range of 70-90°C (160-195°F) to ensure good part quality and reduce cycle time.

5、Injection pressure and speed:

Let’s move on to the injection pressure and speed, use proper injection pressure and speed to prevent flash edges, burning, or other defects. Start with a low pressure setting and gradually increase to the desired level.

6、Injection speed curve:

Sometimes we can see flow marks or sink marks on the part surface, but do you know which caused these defects? Yes, control the injection speed curve to avoid sudden changes in flow, which can lead to flow marks and shrinkage marks.


Cooling also is a very important process, and efficient cooling is very important for part quality and cycle time. Use form-following cooling channels and set them up correctly to prevent warping and improve dimensional stability.

8、Maintaining and retaining pressure:

The holding and holding pressures are set correctly to ensure that the mold is fully filled and that the material has time to hold and cool for a consistent part size.

9、Screw speed and back pressure:

Adjust screw speed and back pressure to maintain melt quality and uniformity. High screw speeds cause shear heating and material degradation.

By following these tips, you can successfully achieve PA6 plastic injection molding, obtain high-quality parts and cost-effective production. Depending on your specific project and equipment, adjustments may need to be made, so continuous monitoring and optimization of the process is critical.