During the 2017 Las Vegas International Auto Parts Show, i have noted more and more car metal parts have been replaced with plastic parts. Not only the exterior or interior decoration parts, even some structural parts, functional parts has been replaced with plastic parts !

Why major car manufacturers are replacing more and more metal parts with plastic parts ?

1.The main reason to use plastic car parts is to reduce the car total weight;

However, to be honest, the manufacturer and seller has been emphasizing the lightweight, but consumers do not really know how can we benefit from the light weighted car. Cars are getting more efficient, with smaller engines, so the cars need to be as light as possible.

Report show that if a car reduce the weight of 100kg, 100 km fuel consumption can be reduced 0.3L to 0.6L ( depending on the car displacement 1-2 liter ),it can save you a lot of fuel cost.

2.Energy saving and emission reduction;

Gasoline or diesel fuel is abstracted and refined from petroleum which is non-renewable resources, although the fuel saving rate is not so obviously, but considering the huge running cars on the road, using plastic car parts can effectively saving energy, as well as reduce greenhouse gases emission, so as to protect the global climate and our mother earth.

3.car plastic parts VS safety, is it really a paradox ?

In fact, not only is it not dangerous, some parts made of plastic are actually rather safer than metal.

Plastic with better absorb performance, most bumpers and bumper beams are made of plastic to better protect pedestrians and occupants in the event of an accident.

Do not understand? Imagine, in a car accident, you want to hit the iron plate, or hit the plastic plate? Someone amy asked, then my car would badly broken when it happens ? I had to say, human safety is more important than a car.So actually we have seen in a lot of newspaper or video, a superior Ferrari or Lamborghini sports car is badly broken in a car accident, but no one were badly hurt, so after reading this article, you got the answer.

Another thing i have to mention is, the tank made of plastic is more secure than metal tank. Because in the event of an accident, a metal tank may spark as a result of a collision, though less likely but has the possibility to explode than a plastic tank. Now, 80% of the cars are using fuel tanks made of plastic.

4.Reducing cost

Most plastic parts are cheaper than metal parts, because cast iron or aluminum alloy parts just isn’t as cost effective as it used to. But plastic injection molding automotive parts can be produced in bulk quantity easily, so the average cost can be lower down. And they are cheap to ship, storage, as well as recycle.

5.Using plastic decoration parts can make the car more quiet;

In addition to the cost, weight, safety issues mentioned above, metal has noise issues. For example, if you use thin metal sheet, it will readily conduct noise and vibration. But using plastic parts can help to improve this issue, as we have said before, plastic has better absorb performance.

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