The CEO of Shenzhen RJC Plastic Molding (Louis Luo) was invited into a team for visiting Sindelfingen Factory Mercedes-benz in Germany . and visualizing process of Vehicle production which can be more meaningful and helpful for our Automotive category further development . To a great extent .this could have highly positive input for the enthusiasm and ambition to promote Auto business.

For years, RJC plastic molding have been provide Mercedes Benz plastic parts solution and molding processing service to Mercedes Benz auto plastic parts supplier,  we wishes we could better serve all Mercedes Benz end user, distributor, dealer and parts supplier with our excellent Mercedes Benz auto parts plastic molding service and products  in the future. If you happen to find a Mercedes Benz plastic parts molding factory or solution provider in China or East Asia, please don’t hesitate to contact Shenzhen RJC Plastic Molding, our past cooperation experience with Mercedes Benz and our strict quality control system surely would satisfying your Mercedes Benz car plastic parts molding needs.

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