RJC Engineering Team take part in Shenzhen Manufacturing Show

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RJC set up a Booth on Shenzhen Manufacturing Show, in which. we always have technical service team and engineering team to support all visitors for more understanding processes of manufacturing. and explained to them about the processes of their projects, how we can produce with optimal process solution. how we can serve and bring a success onto their project by rapid manufacturing whet they need. https://youtu.be/R-ltTcwS4iU

RJC Show Introduction in Shenzhen Manufacturing Show

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RJC sent multiple team to show on site of Shenzhen Manufacturing Show ,and we are dedicated in rapid manufacturing on component service. which can be the best option you are looking for. with the processes and samples showed on site, RJC can offer service of Rapid prototype, CNC milling,CNC turning for multiple material and surface finish. injection tooling for multiple industries of Aeroapace, medical and automotive. injection molding for multiple scopes of components, such [...]

RJC Inhouse Booth Table Setup

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RJC have been preparing the inhouse Booth for weeks , and today we are about to launch to show public. mainly purpose to show what our capabilities are and what we can support on your product transforming. from DFM rapid prototype to mass production delivery, we serve all the way. rapid manufacturing what you need by strenghthening our capacity and capability. put your cases as our top service list and bring them into reality. [...]

RJC 2019 SIMM Manufacturing Show

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to be one of the leading manufacturers in Shenzhen, RJC has been participanting SIMM for times and show the character of RJC people , our capability and capacity. to show what we can make and what we are good at. RJC keep growing and expanding all the way and be together with all clients with taking rapid actions to serve. in SIMM , we show RJC brand , RJC Spirit. RJC people. never give [...]

RJC Attended on 2018 SEMA Show at Las Vegas

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To be expanding the business of automotive and show RJC 's expertise of rapid manufacturing on plastic and metal components service . RJC take every chance to show for geting contact globly . our purpose is to support customer's business growth, make a success by offering quality parts and rapid lead time. which enable us to grow consistantly on the international market. RJC never stop to improve internal procedures and process control to have [...]

2019 MD&M Mid-West Show ( Minneapolis MN)

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RJC has confirmed contract with US Agent for exhibiting on Medical manufacturing show , which allow us to have direct contact to the potential prospects and support their growth and development. RJC could provide rapid manufacturing on multiple kinds of component with processes of  plastic injection molding , metal die-casting , rapid protoryping and CNC machining . low volume and high volume are both welcome. we have been serving international markets for many years [...]

2019 NY MD&M East Show

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RJC has been dedicated in Medical component manufacturing since 2016, after getting ISO 13485. RJC has upgraded significant improvement in processes control of component MFG for medical device and disposable category. MD&M is one of the typical show for Medical design and manufacturing advanced field. RJC attends every single time and establish long-term contract with the sponsor. to be one of the VIP members , RJC takes advance of these platforms to show capability [...]

2020 RJC SIMM Exhibition Preparation

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RJC will exhibit on this event to show our capacity and capability. we serve from rapid prototyping to mass production for plastic and metal components, industries such as aerospace, medical, automotive and others. we have been in this service for over 20 years ,and which enable us to serve you with our full experience and engineering expertise. our sophiticated team take responsibility as lead by example all the way. will take care of your [...]

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