In June 2017, an old customer which has cooperated with us for many years introduced me to a German company named XCCELO, they need 2 sets of 19-inch casing hardware part sample mold, the project components, the light metal part is about more than 1000, materials involved in AL, SGCC, stainless steel, etc., also includes a wide variety of all kinds of post-processing and surface treatment, such as oxidation, powder spraying, screen printing. etc.

After receiving the order, I began to prepare the sample, and finally, we delivered the sample to the customer by express in October 2017. There was no feedback from the customer for a long time. Two months later, this customer called me and said that he received the drawing update from his customer and needed to re-customize two sets of molds. After analyzing the drawings, I found some problems in the design and told the customer truthfully. Some problems cannot be avoided. We can only try our best to avoid these defects, but we cannot guarantee them. The customer was surprised and said that we were the first to take the initiative to talk to them about the defect. The Chinese manufacturers he has worked with have touted and exaggerated their products, but have received or received a variety of defects. He appreciated our success and spoke highly of us. That’s it. We finished the second sample successfully.

In April 2018, the customer called to say that there were problems with the assembly of their circuit board and hardware parts and that the drawings needed to be updated and re-customized. Because this case involves the installation of the whole circuit board, and we are only responsible for one part, namely the hardware part, I cannot understand the situation of the county very clearly. I applied to participate in their overall project design and improve all the assembly. Later I learned that this project is a new product, which is very important for their company. After a short discussion, they agreed to let me join and sign the NDA, and our company sent technicians to participate in the design scheme. Two weeks later the customer received our third new sample assembly, which passed the assembly test.

In August 2018, I received another order from the customer for mass production. We produce about 1000 parts per set per day on average, process and assemble within one month, and complete the delivery in time. Everyone knows that the German people work with high efficiency and rigor, but this German customer is particularly satisfied with us and thinks that Chinese efficiency is also incredible.