In September 2017, I received another email from Valeo in Poland. They asked us about the feasibility of the V50 tanks project and asked for an offer. To be honest, I didn’t pay much attention to it because I also received several inquiries from Valeo before, but there was no follow-up.

This new project is a machining treatment of aluminum casting ALSi10Mg. They have very strict requirements on airtightness and size. All sizes are required to be tested by CMM, and each product must pass the airtightness test. According to our previous experience, this is very difficult. The technical department and the research and development department held three meetings to discuss and finally decided on the feasible plan and gave a new quotation. After the quotation, I thought I would make no progress as before, so I discounted my impression of this company in my heart.

In October 2017, I received an email from Valeo company again, and they informed us that they were their potential supplier and would come to China soon. Soon we received Adrian, the purchasing director of Valeo company. After they visited the factory, they spoke highly of our processing capacity and technical staff. On the same day, we confirmed a series of technical problems face to face and proposed all feasible solutions. Then they went back to Poland, and this time they didn’t disappoint me because I received a formal commercial order from Valeo in the next few weeks.

In the process of ALSi10Mg aluminum casting mold manufacturing, we encountered many uncontrollable factors, such as power failure, raw materials are not up to standard, but the most difficult is the airtightness of the casting billet, and the precision of the post-processing fixture. Fortunately, our QC staff inspected each product very responsibly, all problems were finally solved and the sample was shipped within the delivery time required by the customer. After receiving the sample, the customer immediately tested and verified it. All tests passed perfectly. The customer was very satisfied with our sample. Two months later, we cooperated with each other again. We have not received any quality complaints since the production. All of them are 100% qualified.

Around May 2018, due to the increased demand of the customer’s production line and the loss of production line, we are required to produce as soon as possible. The original plan required 4 weeks to ship, but now it is shortened to 2 weeks. We agree that this is an impossible task, which will undoubtedly increase the possibility of defective products. This is the problem caused by their failure to place the order in time, which is not borne by us. But from the perspective of the customer, if the loss of the customer is huge, the customer may not choose to cooperate with us in the future. Therefore, the company decided to work overtime for this project in all departments, and finally completed the shipment within 2 weeks. After so many times of cooperation, their boss and I have become good friends. However, I understand that the reliable quality of products is the basis of our excellent performance. The feedback of this batch of work after receiving the goods this time is still 100% good. Since we made a very good impression on Valeo, they also gave us high marks and introduced us to other partners.