What should be paid attention to when changing the tool of the 5-axis CNC machining center?

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Understanding Tool Change and Tool Position Points in Five-Axis CNC Machining Centers Introduction: Five-axis CNC machining centers are advanced machines used for precise and complex machining tasks. This article aims to explain the concepts of the tool change point and tool position point in these machining centers and how they impact the machining process. Tool Change Point in Five-Axis CNC Machining Centers: The tool change point in a five-axis CNC machining center refers to [...]

Selecting the Appropriate Surface Treatment for Metal Parts According to the Use Environment

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CNC metal manufacturing plays a vital role in providing high-quality production services and technical support for various industries, including transportation, technology, and more. Metal surface treatment is essential to achieve specific properties of parts and prolong their service life. Below are commonly used surface treatment processes for metal products, which can be evaluated and selected based on the specific use environment.   Anodizing: Anodizing is primarily applied to aluminum and aluminum alloy materials. Using [...]

What information you should know from DFM report when you’re making a new mold

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This is Bryan, today I’m telling you what information you should know from DFM report, why it’s so importance? When we making a new mold, a Design for Manufacturability (DFM) report is a critical tool that provides valuable information to ensure the design is suitable for efficient and cost-effective manufacturing processes. Below are some key points of information you should know from a DFM report: 1.Part Geometry: The DFM report should include detailed information about the part's geometry, [...]

A brief introduction to the connection and application of insert mold and connector

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This is Bryan from Shenzhen RJC company, today we’re talking about the connection and application of insert mold and connector. Firstly, let's talk about what is a insert mold? It is generally the combination of metal parts and plastic into a new product. There have some ways to go, put the metal parts into the plastic mold then inject plastic material and make them stick together, this kind of products are high precision requirements. In addition, there is hot melt, which is to heat metal parts [...]

How to choose the suitable gate for injection molding parts

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This is Bryan from Shenzhen RJC company, today we’re talking about how to choose the suitable gate for injection molding parts. Firstly, we need to know how many gate types of general used in plastic injection molds. Sprue gate, Side gate, Fan gate, Pin gate, Sub gate, and Banana gate, these normally use to cold runner system, or using with hot runner system together. About the hot runner system, from the gate types, there have Sprue gate, [...]

How to choose cold runner system or hot runner system in the medical mold

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This is Bryan from Shenzhen RJC company, today we’re talking about how to choose cold runner or hot runner system for medical products. When we’re designing a medical mold, choosing between a cold runner and a hot runner system depends on several factors such as the type of material, part design, production volume, and cost. Use hot runner systems in medical molding can offer significant benefits in terms of productivity, quality, and cost-effectiveness. However, it is important to [...]

What do we need to improve accuracy for medical plastic injection molding parts

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This is Bryan working in Shenzhen RJC Industrial CO., Limited and who have mold manufacture, design, injection molding experience more than 10+ years. Today, I’m talking what area can improve accuracy of medical molding components. 1,Mold design: RJC’s mold engineers are have more than 10+years experience, rich mold tech skills. What are they? Knowledge of plastic materials: Good understanding of various types of plastics and their properties, as this will guarantee us in selecting the right plastic material for [...]

Tips need to know during the whole process of an insert mold project

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Insert molding is a precise manufacturing process that involves inserting a pre-made component into a mold cavity, such as metal or plastic components, then injecting plastic material around it to form a finished part by injection machine. To get a final single part that combines the characteristics and functionality of both the insert and the plastic material. The tips need to consider during the insert molding process Design considerations: The insert design should be compatible [...]

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