Brief Introductions Of Heat Runner Mold System

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Injection molding is a well-known production process and is used by top firms around the world to make plastic products in large numbers. This process is technical and makes use of machines. Thus, it reduces human efforts, increasing efficiency and reducing cost. What you may not know though is that there's more. The injection molding process has an extension or rather still can be diversified. One extension of injection molding is the heat runner [...]

RJC Attends The Manufacturing World Osaka 2021 Exhibition

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The Manufacturing World Osaka is Asia's leading manufacturing industry show. The exhibition will be held from October 6th to 8th. The exhibition will be divided into the following sections: Industrial IT solutions, automotive industry components, medical devices, industrial equipment, AI/IoT, additive manufacturing, quality inspection equipment The most advanced technology in Asia is gathered here. Visitors can not only see the forward-looking version of industrial design software but also see the most sophisticated mechanical equipment [...]

The MD&M East Exhibition Ended Perfectly

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  On December 9th, the MD&M East exhibition ended perfectly. This exhibition is an excellent opportunity to see the most advanced technology in the industry, recognize the industry’s top suppliers, and see a variety of high-efficiency solutions. The exhibition only lasted three days. During these three days, RJC received many visitors through remote video. Even if they were thousands of miles away, our technical sales staff were explaining various processes to the visitors. Besides, [...]

Are You Ready For MD&M East

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The Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) East exhibition was held on December 7 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York. As a frequent exhibitor of MD&M East, RJC has always used the MD&M East exhibition as a stage to show Our strength. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus, many fully prepared technicians were unable to come to the scene.RJC decided to use remote video to participate in this exhibition. In fact, this is [...]

A Brief Introduction Of Crystallization Plastic Processing Technologies

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Plastics are popular materials in the market. They are the producer's trusted materials for cheap and easy creation. They are frequent themes in most homes. Yet, these plastics are often referred to as polymers. They have some parts which help produce quality items. And these parts can be further improved in some ways. This leads us to crystallize which turns liquid into solid. There is a process known as crystallization. And this process involves [...]

A Brief Introduction Of AS Resin Injection Molding Technologies

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In the world of production, plastic is king. They are cheap options for other materials. They are water, heat, and oil resistant. Some even have great absorption rates. In all, they are great for producing items especially, many items in the most cost-effective way. So, these materials are often joined with a production process which forms them from plastic to a product. And this pairing happens for top results. You pair the best processes [...]

Benefits Of CNC Machining For Medical Equipment And Products

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The production field is a very competitive space. Firms compete to create the best product. Materials compete to be used by the best firms. Processes compete for the top spot as the best process. All these lead to a very diverse space and filled with many production methods, materials, and producers. But some still stand out from others. One of such methods is CNC machining. It places itself as one of the most versatile [...]

Tips For ABS Plastic Injection Molding

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ABS plastic is a solid plastic material used for auto cars, musical instruments, and Lego. Its strong nature makes it suitable for automobile parts. ABS stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. It is a thermoplastic polymer with no real melting point, this means that when heated ABS plastic doesn't burn. But rather liquefies, which makes molding easy. ABS plastic is amorphous plastic and thermoplastic. Meaning that, unlike other materials, ABS responds differently to heat. [...]

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