In May 2016, I received an inquiry from a polish customer zf-trw company (now merged into bcs-ais), requesting our company to customize a set of zinc alloy molds for them. Piotr, the project leader of their company, told me that they had looked for many factories, but no company could ensure that they could meet the parameters they wanted, so they came to us, but they didn’t hold out much hope for us.

We search this company on Google and found that they were very small but a good prospect to work with. After analyzing their inquiry, I found that the precision of the mold is very high, so I am not sure whether it can meet their requirements. At this time, the technical department provided us with a lot of help. After discussion and analysis, they thought that this parameter might be realized and helped me to make aggregate suggestions. I honestly told the customer about our concerns and provided our quotation. Piotr was very surprised when he received the quotation. He said he thought our quotation would be very high, but actually our quotation was not the highest but not the lowest among all his quotations.

After a series of technical problems and difficulties were confirmed, we soon received a 30% advance payment from the customer. As a result, the production was arranged very quickly. Due to the high precision requirement of small tolerance on the mold, we carried out precision mirror processing on the working face of the mold to ensure that the processing and precision meet the specified requirements and make every link perfect.

Through our continuous efforts in production, we have delivered the first sample four weeks later. Customers were very satisfied after receipt of the samples but also put forward more strict requirements, which require inlet smaller and thinner, the break is less, the purpose is to their workers in the polishing can spend less time and cost, after analysis, we found that if it leads to the product before the entry into the feeding belt easily fall off. We have repeatedly discussed this problem with the customer, and they also recognized our processing technology.

Finally, three weeks later, with the unremitting efforts of our whole company, we successfully solved this problem and got the recognition of the zf-trw company and handed over the mold one month later. After the customer receives the mold, he tests it immediately and all the results are qualified. The customer was very satisfied and happy. He expressed his thanks and the intention of long-term cooperation in the email to us.